Currently: Already February?!

Well, I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe January has FLOWN and is already gone. It seems like just last week I took down the Christmas decorations… oh wait, that’s actually sort of true.

Anyway, it’s time for another Currently and this time, I’m linking up with Anne in Residence, and Erin from Teal and Polka Dots. Thanks to those ladies for hosting us all! Here’s what I’m up to currently…

Packing || clothes. I’m going through the children’s rooms, packing up clothes they’ve grown out of, throwing things out that aren’t in good enough shape to sell or pass on, and tearing up a little bit as I think of how grown they each are. I can’t believe they’re already through another size of clothes, another season of their little lives, and preparing for the next stage. Pass a mama some tissues.

Jonesing || for more pho soup! I’ve posted about this before, but I have been constantly eating pho, and I will NOT apologize. It’s fairly healthy (as clear broth soups go) and it packs a punch in the energy and sustenance departments. It’s an easy take out to grab for lunch, and I know it’ll please the whole family. PERFECT for cold weather – which we finally are back to this week. Brrr!

Texting || on a brand new phone! I shattered the screen on my iPhone a few months ago, and I figured I had tortured myself with it long enough. I only had $75 more to pay it off, so I just paid that and signed a contract for the new one. I got the 7, even though I had gone into Verizon for the 6S… the price difference wasn’t actually that much. I’ve always had a LifeProof case, ever since I got my first iPhone, but upon the suggestion of the person helping me, I got a Speck case (it’s nice!) and a glass screen protector for a little less than I would’ve paid for the LifeProof. I didn’t need the waterproof as much as I needed the shock protection, and the glass screen protector came with a lifetime warranty! Win!

Reading || one million books…or it feels like it. I’ve never been one for reading multiple books at once, but that has usual pertained to novels. I’m reading the Golden Compass, like I mentioned on the last currently, but I’m also digging into The Worship Pastor (Zac Hicks), Lioness Arising (Lisa Bevere) and I just got Jesus Feminist (Sarah Bessey) in the mail. Woo!

Hearting || the fact that I’ve been successful so far at carving out a little more time for the important things. Self-care might be a trending topic right now, but it’s also important to me. I’ve been making time for Bible study, running (or some other workout) and reading almost every single day! Obviously, it’s not long every time, and it’s not every day. But it’s most days. And I don’t even feel like I’ve neglected the other things I do in a day, either! I’m just trying to be more mindful about not wasting time scrolling through my Facebook feed, or just plain staring off into space. Cheers to that!

What are you up to currently?

7 thoughts on “Currently: Already February?!”

  1. Isn’t a new phone great? Mine took a dip in the ocean last Father’s Day and I managed to hold off until October to replace it by using an old iPhone 4. Fun, stuff. 🙂 I always get a bit sentimental when I have to pack up my kid’s clothes, it just seems to happen so fast! Thanks for linking up!

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