Things Toddlers Say

Happy Tuesday, and happy Valentine’s Day! My kids have been obssessed with the topic of Valentines’s Day, despite my efforts to not make a huge deal out of it (since Hubby and I don’t really do much). Either way, there’s always a party at school, so there’s no avoiding it. SO! A little humor for your Valentine’s Day, since who doesn’t love the funnies?!

After D bit J on the arm…
J: He gotted me so well. He was trying to caught me and he caught me! He tried to gobble me up and swallow me down into his froat. But I’m too big for him to swallow.

From EK’s teacher…
EK: My mom told me I couldn’t pee in the sink.
Why yes, yes I did.

J, playing in this picture:J, above: “I’m gonna smash you! I’m gonna smash you so good!” then “No! Please no!”

Talking about dinosaurs…
EK: Well, Jesus is gonna make more of them so we can see them alive.

I hear cheering from the other room..
EK: Yay, D! Wanna do it again?
I come in and see her putting together a puzzle and giving him the credit.

EK: I know what grasshoppers drink. They drink blood. My dad told me.
Me: Do you mean mosquitos?
EK: Oh yeah. I have short term memory loss.

EK: I’m going to be the mom ok? *Crosses her arms and runs off shouting* Oh no, the baby! Oh no, the baby!

What funny things have your kids said recently??

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