Things Toddlers Say 

Happy Tuesday, friends! I’m happy to bring a little humor to your social media and inboxes this week, just like I try to do every Tuesday. Enjoy the silly things my kids are saying these days!

After seeing Paw Patrol once…
J: Pwaw Pwatrol is my fwavorite.

EK says a naughty word on purpose…
EK: Now, you spank me, Mom! Okay? Carefully!

EK, holding an old school egg timer to her mouth: Set timer for five minutes.
Me: I don’t think that thing works exactly like Siri does.

Watching Beauty and the Beast, when he saves Belle from the wolves…
EK: Welp. He dead.
Hubby and me: *actually dead* 💀

J, misinterpreting things: Ha! He called hisself stupid!

EK: Did you notice you never got these doll shoes down for me? It’s pretty annoring. (No, she didn’t say “annoying”.)

J, introducing his brother: This is my brother. He bits things a lot. (Not bites.)

Actual picture of my son “sharpening his weapons”. Yes, one is a garlic press, and the other is a partial light saber. And yes, he’s wearing his dad’s yard work ear muffs.

J hears me whistling and says: I love it when you sing like that, mama.

I put on Bethel’s “Ever Be”…
EK: I was dreaming about this song last night!

EK, holding a yard weed: Daddy, what’s the name of these flowers?
Hubby: I don’t know the name.
EK: Why don’t you smell them? That might give you the name!

J, running up to me as I’m holding my friend’s baby: Boop! (Gently taps baby’s nose) I just booped her nose, Mom!

J: I really love D. He’s the best brother in the whooooooole… (But never finished the sentence)

At dinner…
EK, one finger in her mouth: Mom, when we get home, can I have one of those things that gets the meat out of your teeth?
Me: A flosser, you mean?
EK: Yeah. This burger is stuck.

EK opens up her Chick-fil-A chicken minis: Mom! (Hand over her heart) I missed these guys!!

What have your kids been saying these days?

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