Things Toddlers Say 

Happy Tuesday, y’all! In case you don’t know this already, every Tuesday, I post some hilarious or really cute things my kiddos have said during the week. Right now, here are their ages: EK is almost 5, J is 3, and D is 1.5, so his contributions are minimal. So, here are a few of them from this week! Enjoy!

EK: Can we marry our brothers?
Me: No, we don’t marry the people in our families.
EK: We have to marry someone we don’t know?
Me: Not necessarily. You could marry someone you know already or you might meet them when you’re older.
I was scared what that conversation would turn into.

EK: While we’re at school, do you do your reading and then pick up the sticks?
Me: Yep. Sometimes I do those things.
I’m dying because picking up sticks from the lawn is her outdoor job sometimes. She clearly thinks I do it while she’s not around.

EK: Would you like to try this bell pepper? It’s really spicy.
Me: Bell peppers aren’t actually very spicy.
EK: Yeah, this bell pepper is sweet and comfortable, right Mom?

EK, holding a spoon to D: Carrot?
D: No!
EK: Come on! It’s juicy, it’s sweet, it’s a carrot!

Things a guitarist’s daughter says…
EK: Dad, I gathered all your picks so that D won’t eat them.

All day on Friday (St. Patrick’s Day)…
EK: Happy Mattress Day!

J, professing his love: I like you, Mom. I really like you.

The creepiest thing J will ever say to EK: Baby, come here! Daddy gots you a present! (I’m sure it was related to playing “family” which they often do, but it sounded so creepy.)

EK hands me the ruffle that goes on a sunhat: Here, Mom. It tenaches. (Attaches)

J, pointing at my sis-in-law holding my niece: Are you holding the baby girl princess?

What are your kiddos saying these days?

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