Things Toddlers Say 

Hey y’all! Happy Tuesday! Thanks for giving me some grace last week to be a week late. Here are your regular Tuesday funnies – enjoy!

We tell J what we’re doing that day…
J: Well that’s not brand news!

EK, randomly: I always wanted a car that would turn into a boat.

EK to my mom: Quick! Put lipstick on me before mom notices!

I’m on the phone scheduling EK’s 5yo check up…
EK: Mom! Mom! Tell them I don’t want shots. Did you say I don’t get shots this time? Mom?

EK was annoying J…
J: You make me feel… so… punchy!

J’s new song: You know what the rain drops sing? “Christmas time is almost here! We’re the raindrops, the raindrops, the raindrops…”

J: Mom, naptime and bedtime look similar. But naptime is up and down, and bedtime is just down.
Hubby: I think you’re on to something.

J: I’m gonna be a bee that attacks my house! (Bends down and pretends to eat the floor)

J: *hands me mascara* Here you go, Mama. Your eyes are looking a little scratchy.

I go into EK’s room to see if she’s asleep. While I’m leaning over the bed giving kisses and I love yous, I feel something touch my foot.
Me: J, is that you?! What are you doing under EK’s bed?!
J: I just wanted to sleep with EK.
Me: Um. Cute. But no.

Randomly when he woke up one morning, J: Baymax was naked. Hahaha. (From Big Hero 6)

New name-calling: Jerk butt. Jerk nut. Poop butt. See the theme?

D’s current obsession is knowing where everyone is: Whess Daddy? Whess Joe Joe? Whess Kay Kay?

What have your kids been saying recently?

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