5 Reasons Your Family Should Plant a Vegetable Garden 

More and more people are getting back into growing at least some of their food – and for good reason! Here are a few reasons I think this bandwagon is one worth jumping on.

1. You’ll appreciate your food more. When you’ve planted, weeded, pruned, watered, and generally been a caretaker for your plants, you appreciate the fruits of your labor so much more. You might start understanding why produce can be expensive but is much better for you when you’ve taken a part in growing some.img_1558

2. It fosters responsibility. When a family has a garden, there’s a job for everyone. It’s good to teach kids to get their hands in the dirt, and take responsibility for the work it takes to make a garden grow. It’s also a chore to put on their chore chart, or keep them occupied for a few more minutes each day once school is out.img_8339

3. Learning about it is fun! Getting outside with your family is always a good thing! Even if your garden is in a few pots on the front porch, it’s fun to see how they grow each day, what color the flowers are, and how long it takes for each different plant to grow. My kids have enjoyed learning to identify the plants we’re growing by leaf shape, smell, and what they look like once they’re producing the veggies.img_1766

4. It’s not as hard as you think it is. Sure, if you have a hundred plants to take care of, it can seem quite daunting. But if you start small, it’s not too hard to keep a tomato plant or two and some rosemary alive. Even if you forget to water or don’t pull all the weeds, they’re likely to still be fine. Choose something easy to begin with, even if it means you won’t have much fruit the first time. Tomatoes and peppers are some of the easiest things to grow, and often bear the most fruit.IMG_1888

5. It’s nice to know what you’re eating. You know what went into the work, whether or not you used fertilizer or weed/pest killer. You know exactly what what did or didn’t touch the plant. It’s reassuring to know where it came from, how freshly it was picked, and how well it was tended.img_0898

There really aren’t down sides to having a garden. You’re going on vacation for a week? Just have someone come and water a couple of times while you’re gone. You don’t know anything about gardening? Just take the first step of buying seedlings instead of seeds; they’re more durable, and the hardest part is over. It’s already June and you think you’ve missed the window? The plants might not get as big, but I say it’s not too late to start! Try it out! What have you got to lose?

4 thoughts on “ 5 Reasons Your Family Should Plant a Vegetable Garden ”

  1. We didn’t get to plant our big garden this year, but the kids were so excited to help me plant our veggie pots. And they’re loving watching them grow! They were a little overzealous with the carrot seeds, so we’ll have to thin out the little ones soon (by eating them, of course), but all in all they did a fantastic job.
    – Christine

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  2. I agree with you…95% of the time. I did not do well with the one or two plants. It was too easy to ignore and when one didn’t do well, I just gave up on the other. I’m trying the “go big or go home” strategy this year and it’s going well. It’s hard to ignore two giant raised beds. I see them when Scott leaves for work. I see them on the way to the car. I see them on the way back from the walk. I’m also finding the seeds more rewarding because I get to see the visual progress I don’t see in my seedlings. But that’s the awesome part of gardening, you can customize so much of it!

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    1. Yes! I’m glad this year it’s going better for you! Definitely can’t ignore giant beds. Interesting that you find seeds more rewarding- I just felt like I couldn’t tell a weed from a plant I did want 😂


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