Here’s why I love having a girly girl.

This post first appeared on Perfection Pending.

My firstborn is a girly girl. These days, some people think that’s a bad thing. But my girly girl isn’t a damsel in distress, or kept in an ivory tower. She’s the reigning princess over her two little brothers, and she knows it. She’s large, in charge, independent, brave, and does what she has to to get what she wants. In addition to those things, she is also known for her twirly skirts and the bows in her hair. My girly girl brings me endless joy… and entertainment. Here’s why:

1. We can get pampered together. We love going to get our nails done, or just doing them together at home. It’s wonderful to be able to share a girly, unnecessary but fun activity with my daughter. She loves going on “special dates” with me to the nail salon… even more so because there’s an ice cream shop next door. It’s not the only way I bond with her, of course, but it’s one of our favorites.

2. She shares my love of bright colors. The girl could be a Lilly Pulitzer model. Pinks, purples, orange, turquoise… she has bright colors in her wardrobe, and her decor.

3. She is well-groomed. She’s only five, but my girly girl knows that part of looking nice is brushing her teeth and her hair, put on clothes that match (at least in her mind) and have shoes to complete the outfit.

4. She is great at imaginative play. She is often nurturing babies, having tea with fellow princesses, and occasionally saving the world – because she also loves Wonder Woman. Who says just because Wonder Woman is tough and strong, that she isn’t a girly girl, too? Her eyeliner is pretty perfect.

5. She has an eye for beautiful things. Flowers in a lovely vase, picturesque sunsets, bridal photos, and beautiful dresses are some of her favorite things to see. She can find beauty in almost anything.

6. Girls’ clothes are just so darn cute! I could spend way more money on cute dresses and multicolored sandals for my daughter than I could ever spend on myself. It’s definitely a blessing and a curse that she outgrows things so quickly right now – more cute stuff to shop for! And more money I’ve accidentally dropped on dresses that are too fancy to wear, well, anywhere. Speaking of dresses…

7. She loves dressing up. She’s not always pretending to be a princess, but she sure does love all those dresses with glitter and tulle. She also loves it when she walks  into a room full of people in a fancy princess dress, tiara, necklaces, and gloves, awaiting their “Ooh!” and “Ahh!” over her attire.

Some might say we shouldn’t encourage our girls to be princesses in the world we live in these days. But as long as the princesses are kind and brave, compassionate and courageous, they’re okay in my book. My princess loves to wear her dresses and jewelry while she plays outside, digs in the dirt, and roughhouses with her brothers. If she wanted to wear overalls or camouflage pants and boots while she painted those lovely pictures of flowers, I’d encourage it just as much. I’m encouraging things she already likes, and allowing her to be true to herself, and that’s the most important.

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