Things Toddlers Say

Happy December and Advent! Here are the sillies for the week – enjoy!

Talking about sign language…
Hubby: I don’t even know how to do that one.
EK: It’s easy for my fingers!

After D ate my lunch…
Hubby: It’s okay, I’ll get you a treat this afternoon.
J: I want her treat to be coffee!
Me: He knows me so well!

D, gazing out the window: Where are you, mooooooon?

J: Mom! Mom! Mom!
Me: …yes?
J: Did you know… can IIIIII… looooooove you forever?!
Me: You almost fumbled, but you saved it.

EK answering the door for some of our dinner guests: …but we already have guests.

J: Look how speed I am! (Runs around the house)

What are your kids saying these days??

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