Currently: 2018!

Happy New Year! I can’t believe it’s already 2018! My ten year college reunion is in April, our 9 year wedding anniversary will be in June, and our kids are all getting so big!! Goodbye, 2017! You were good to ya, but we’re excited about 2018!img_0358

Linking up with Anne in Residence for our first Currently of the year! Here’s what I’m up to:

Starting || the year off with my eyes in the Word (more than I ever have!) and my heart listening for Jesus. Instead of making resolutions and setting goals that I probably would never follow through with, I’m trying to go wherever God leads me. It’s a perspective shift I’m excited about!

Hoping || for as successful a year as we had in 2017! We started off by getting rid of the crib (!!!) and hopefully we’ll ditch the changing table soon! We also switched our health insurance away from a private BCBS plan to Samaritan Ministries, and we are SO excited. Hoping it’s as awesome as we have heard it is!

Scheduling || an already busy January. Well visits at the doctor, church activities, a wedding, a couple of birthday parties… we’ve already got a full month! Hopefully we’ll be able to keep up with it all and enjoy ourselves, too!

Reading || a few goodies to begin the year. I’m on a podcast (more info to come!) about the Chronicles of Narnia, so I’ll be reading through those as we record. I’m reading Dance, Stand, Run by Jess Connolly with a friend (so convicting, in a good way!) and I just began Franny and Zooey by J.D. Salinger. When I found it on the shelf, I was actually looking for Catcher in the Rye (another book of his) but when I found this one, I figured, “Why not?!” When I finish it, I’m planning to reread A Wrinkle In Time (I LOVE Madeleine L’Engle). My only resolution/goal last year was to read for pleasure every day and not push myself through any book I wasn’t enjoying. While I didn’t quite make that (I doubt I read every day) I read a whole LOT of books (around 20, I think, which is a lot for me as a mom) and that doesn’t count books I read to the kids! Yay! So I’m thinking that I’ll just try to do that again this year, and maybe increase my number a little. I truly love reading, so it’s a self-care thing for me. It definitely lets my brain relax!

Playing || with all our new Christmas toys and games. We haven’t broken out Guess Who? yet, but that’s next on my list! School started back today, and so I bet I’ll have a little more margin for planned play with my kids. I was getting burned out because I couldn’t get anything done… drowning in Christmas leftovers (of the trash, toy, and decor variety) I could barely keep my head above the housework. Here’s hoping I’m a more patient, fun mom now that I have a couple of hours in the day to get my productivity in without feeling like I have to tell them, “No, I can’t play with you right now.”

Well here’s hoping for a wonderful 2018! Tell me all about what you’re up to currently!!!

13 thoughts on “Currently: 2018!”

  1. I’ve kept a couple of the Christmas gift games/puzzles tucked away too, so that will be fun to pull them out on a rainy day. Or more likely a snow day…blah.

    And I’m not sure I’ve actually ever read A Wrinkle in Time…I think I should probably remedy that!

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  2. I’ve never read A Wrinkle in Time. Sounds like it’s time for me to do so! I love all things Narnia, so I’m eager to hear what you have cooking with that! Happy New Year! (Stopping by from the Currently linkup!)

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  3. I spent some of my evening reading tonight under a blanket with a glass of wine. If that isn’t a cozy way to entice me to read more this year, too, I don’t know what is!
    I’m with you on the needing time away from kids to be a better mom. All up in the Mom guilt these last two weeks I’ve been off, because I was always saying “mommy can’t play right now. I’m cooking/cleaning/etc” but I went back to work today and magically, I had time to play after supper. The space-time continuum shifts when you get some distance from kids

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    1. YES! It’s almost like a supernatural thing. Tasks are done much more quickly without tagalongs, and patience is more likely to abound!

      Also, here’s hoping reading cozily with wine happens again soon!


  4. I’m so interested in the concept of Samaritan Ministries and similar programs. Insurance has gotten so expensive, and we have a ton of medical bills on top of that. It’s been pretty stressful! Do you plan to write about your experience with it?

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    1. I will! Honestly I hadn’t thought about it, but you’re right- I should write about t. All I know it that as a family of five, our monthly payment dropped by 2/3. That was pretty incredible for us.


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