Things Toddlers Say

Happy Tuesday, folks! Enjoy our funnies!

J got in the car after preschool wearing this, and announced: I’m passing it off to you! Of course I wore it home.

J: Whats a sponsor? (We had been talking about Lightning McQueen.)
Me: Someone who gives money so you can do what you like to do, like Lightning used it to race.
J: I wish I had a sponsor.
Me: What would you do with the money?
J: I’d have a job.
Me: I don’t know that you’ve got the idea.

D, holding a tiny figurine of Becky, that crazy seagull in Finding Dory: My duck!
Me: That’s actually not a duck… it’s Becky the seagull!
D: ‘Snot Beck! ‘Sa duck! My duck! MY DUCK!
Me: Okay….

J: Let’s have a cuddle party!
EK: Yeah! Let’s fart!
Me: …….

Me: I love you!
D: I love this car.

J: Ow! My butt!
Me: What about your butt?
J: Aw, it was just a joke.

D: Can I have some razaberries?
Me: Sure! Will you get a bowl?
D: Chyeah. (The word he uses to respond to everything these days.)

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