Happy April! Spring has sprung, and it’s actually spring break where we are! I’m writing this update from the road- we are en route to Florida for a day of rest, and four days of Disney craziness! We are not quite halfway there as I write this, so wish us luck!

I figured I’d use this “down time” to link up with Anne in Residence and Jessica from I Am Teacher Fit to bring you this edition of Currently! So here’s what I’m currently up to…

Reading || Too Much and Not in the Mood (Durga Chew-Bose) and This Is Me Letting You Go (Heidi Priebe). They’re both memoir style, so I’m going to add on If You Only Knew (Jamie Ivey, another memoir style) and Britt-Marie Was Here (Fredrick Backman) because who am I without a novel?!

Expecting || a great five days in Florida! We are spending tonight and tomorrow with friends, and then when we get to Disney on Friday, my parents will meet us there! You can be sure lots of pictures will follow!

Showering || it’s more like sprinkling, but my friend’s second baby, her first boy! Sprinkles are lower key than a shower, but it sure is fun to celebrate a coming baby!

Buying || summer sandals for the kids (Keen style, made for play!) at Costco and Carters. And new bathing suits! I just got everyone a new suit (including me!) and we will debut them this week. I also ALWAYS buy rash guards, because I think sunscreen is gross (no matter how much we need it and obviously still use it), so if a long sleeved shirt means I use a little less, I’m in! I found my new Roxy suit and rash guard on Zulily a few weeks ago (awesome sale!) and let the kids pick theirs out at Target. It’s still nice that we can eyeball theirs instead of trying a hundred on like I usually have to. I’m all about buying them, and taking them home to try them on, even knowing I’ll take most of it back later. Found these babies at Costco on the cheap! I’ll post our new suits with the Disney pics next week!

Link up or comment and let me know what April looks like for you currently!!

6 thoughts on “CURRENTLY – APRIL!”

  1. “Who am I without a novel?” Love it – and thoroughly agree 🙂 Have a fun trip! Super jealous of the Florida warm and sunshine, even if there is some car time and craziness involved, ha.

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