Things Toddlers Say

Happy Tuesday and happy official summer! Yesterday was our school system’s last day of school and we are excited for freeeeedooooom!

Picked EK up from school…
EK: What did you do today, mom?
Me: I worked in the garden.
EK: You did that without your girl who LOVES working in the garden?!

Things I’ll never get tired of hearing:
D: Can I watch Star Wers?

EK: I wish this was a big city like New York.
Me: Why is that?
EK: I like to see it crowded with people all the time. It makes me happy!

J, looking out at a park: I think I see a desert!
EK: Where?
J: That small mountain looks like a type of desert!
Friend: That’s a pitchers’ mound.

EK: What’s your doggy name?
J: Jerry!
Me: *loling*

D: Where’s mama?
Hubby: At a concert.
D: I want to go to da Costco and ride in her buggy!

I give D his post-nap snuggle…
D: I farted on you!
Me: What?! You did?!
D: I totally did!

EK: Today we watched the hundred Dalmatians!
Necie: Was it the animated one or the live one?
EK: Huh?
Necie: With real people.
EK: Yeah, it looked like it had been videoed!
Necie: Exactly.

Thanks for following along with our funnies! What are your kids saying that makes you laugh?!

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