Things Toddlers Say

Happy Tuesday, y’all! Enjoy these funnies!!

J: I love chocolate chip cookies with all of my heart.

D: This dog bite my arm like I bite J!

EK: Scottie one time saw a spider that was bigger or as big as her HAND!
J: You’re making me think it was as big as my BUTT!

EK: When Jesus takes us to heaven, it’ll be like we’re going on a long trip to Georgia.
J: Or Disney world!

D: Mom, I got quack-quack toots!

D: I gonna keeyull you!
Me: *gasp* No, D, you can’t say that!
D, interrupting me: I gonna keeyull dis bug!

Hubby: Do you guys want Biscuitville or Chick-fil-A?
EK: I want Chick-fil-A! Those baby chicken nugget sandwiches where the biscuits are tiny and have honey!
Me: Those are yeast rolls but okay. *dies laughing*

J: When you toot, that’s when you need to poop… soon.

D, defending himself: But I don’t want to be at trouble!

There you have it – another weekly installment of sillies from my kids. What silly things do your kids say?

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