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Votes For Women, By Women, For Women

I won’t lie to you. I got all the feels this morning as I scrolled through my Instagram feed. Pictures and videos of women voting for the first time, women at the polls voting early in this election, women picketing for the right to vote and the right to their bodies, women near and dear to me encouraging the rest of us to exercise our right and privilege to vote.

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Image found on Huffington Post.
I’m proud, today. I’m proud to say I got up before the kids to make sure I’d have time to go to the polls. I’m proud to share with my daughter how I took advantage of my right to vote this morning. I’m proud to have finally landed on a decision, and to finally feel good about it. I’ve decided that #ImWithHer.

Image from Hillary for America.
I haven’t always been with her. I wouldn’t say I was against her, necessarily. But I can’t honestly say that I’ve been with her from the beginning, like many of my friends have. But I can now say that I voted for her gladly this morning, and not just because Hillary isn’t Trump.

This morning, I voted for her for many reasons, more than I could feel equipped to write about here. But I am extra proud to say that I took part in making history today. When I cast my vote for Hillary, it was one more vote toward my country’s first woman president. It was less than 100 years ago that women couldn’t even vote for a president at all, and here I sat, on the bleachers in the gym of the local elementary school, and filled in little bubbles next to not just one, but several women’s names. I’m proud to be in a country that has come so far, and also recognizes how much farther we need to go. I’m proud to have cast my vote in the direction of progress.

Image found on Huffington Post.
Today, I’m helping make history into herstory. I’m helping get the country a little safer and a little more tolerant for my children, especially my daughter. One day, if she wants to run for president, I want her to win. And this might be the beginning of making that possible.

So go. Go out there, exercise your right to vote. Even if it’s not the same vote I cast, you should still do it. I will respect you and love you still, and all the more for just getting out there and making progress. There are plenty of hours left, and it’s important! It matters! Let’s do it, together.

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