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Currently – Ella Kate’s Birthday!

Okay, so this edition of Currently didn’t quite go up on time, but I’ve been so busy celebrating my wonderful, smart, gorgeous THREE-year-old that I’ve barely had time for anything else!

We spent all of last week getting the basement at least partially ready for guests (I mean, not all the way, but there were places to sleep!) and getting ready for EK’s party on Saturday. As (I think) I mentioned before, her requested theme was “princesses, pizza, and painting” and I’ll say – we sure accomplished all three! Here are some highlights before I start my regular “currently”.

Sweet college friends who made my weekend!
Amazing tie-dye princess cupcakes made by my sweet friend, Lauren! (If you’re local, she’s for hire!)
EK was really impressed with the cupcakes.
Just a few of EK’s sweet cousins and friends who came to celebrate! I got everyone looking but her, ha!
Yesterday’s outfit. Underneath the hoodie, the dress says “Birthday Girl”.


Kiddos enjoying one of the presents… it’s a pretty cool little castle!


Now for my semi-normal currently – linking up as usual with Becky at Choose Happy and the other fabulous bloggers from all over! Join us!

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Thankful for || an amazing weekend (and day today!) of celebrating my incredible daughter, who I CANNOT BELIEVE is 3! It seems like just yesterday that she was a teeny little squish, and now she’s talking 90 miles a minute, running, dancing, playing and showing me she’s an incredible person, inside and out. It totally rocks me if I sit and think about it. Okay – I’m gonna cry. Moving on…

I’m thankful for several more things, so I’m going to lay them all down, list-style: my mom, who spent the entire week helping us clean, entertaining the kids while Hubby and I organized and rearranged the basement, and letting us go on TWO dates while she was here! Total win, Mom. Thanks!. Also, thankful for a mother-in-law who helps move furniture, hang pictures, work in the yard, and spoil children. She’s a great lady, as well! Thankful for sweet college girlfriends who slumber party with my in my partially-furnished basement, spoil my daughter, and make me feel like I’m ten years younger again. Thanks, gals. I love you. Lastly, thankful for an incredible husband, who puts up with my hormonal mood swings and my never-ending honey-do list, loves our children in a way so mind-blowing that I can’t describe its awesomeness, and still manages to have time to do wonderful things for me and make me feel special, even when I feel like a crazy, sobbing, way-too-pregnant cow. Yep. I went there. Love ya, babe.

Eating || my mom’s homemade spaghetti recipe, with a little change. It’s canned tomatoes and sauce, basil, oregano, garlic, onion, and ground beef. Last night, I used fresh tomatoes, fresh oregano (from our garden, that had somehow survived (and flourished after!) winter – not so for the basil), and added some grated carrots and some frozen spinach. Surprisingly, the kiddos couldn’t tell about the veggies, and the oregano made the whole thing pop! Yum.

Dreaming of || my facial on Friday, and the fact that I might ALSO get my nails done. Y’all, I need a couple of hours of pampering after a busy and stressful few weeks, and I’m MORE THAN EXCITED about it on Friday. Can I get an amen?!

Planning || big blog things for the next few weeks and months. I’m going to start asking for opinions, stories, and requests for what you’d like to hear about. In fact, go ahead and leave those in the comments! I’ll start collecting today!

Thanks for joining me on my birthday edition of Currently! What have you been up to?


unnamed (12)Confession time: This morning, I heard J fussing a little around 6:45. I didn’t really feel like going to get him yet, so I stayed in bed for a few minutes, willing myself to wake up. Well, during that time, he got quiet again, so I just drifted off back to sleep. In the mean time, I heard EK get up around 7:00, but she typically plays by herself with puzzles or her dolls for a few minutes, so I didn’t rush to get up then, either. She shouted for me a little while later, so I got up, and it was 8:00! Oops. I didn’t mean for there to be an hour of extra sleep while she played alone. Good thing she’s a little bit responsible (famous last words – tomorrow morning she will break everything into tiny pieces and then set it on fire). By the way, it’s after 9:00 as I write this, and I haven’t heard from J yet.

I’ll be honest. There are times like this that I like to keep on doing what I’m doing instead of turning back on my “mom mode”. Sometimes, when EK needs to potty, I put her on there, and leave the room, so that I can have 30 seconds by myself (often to pee alone in the other bathroom) before she shouts, “I’M DOOOOOOONE!” (At least she doesn’t shout, “WIPE ME!”) Sometimes, when they’ve been napping, I can hear that they’re awake, but I don’t get them just yet. I take my time finishing what I’m doing, or reading the last couple of pages of the chapter.

Sometimes, when they sit down to eat, I know I have about three minutes before they need anything else, and before anything starts to hit the floor. During those three minutes, I sit in a different room, sometimes with a cup of tea or coffee, and play on my phone. I “like” photos on Instagram. I read y’all’s blog posts and respond to your comments. I stare out the window.

Every once in a while, when there’s a grocery run that needs to be made, a check to drop off at the bank, and someone’s grown out of all their socks, I ask Hubby if I can run the errands while he keeps the kids. And he says, “Sure! Take your laptop too, and sit and have a cup of coffee and write.”

And I swoon, thinking about how wonderful he is to suggest such a lovely afternoon.

Someone… tell me you do the same; tell me you sneak your moments of sanity. Tell me I’m not alone in this!

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