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Things Toddlers Say

Happy Tuesday, everyone! We’ve been moving things out of our bedroom to prepare for a master bedroom renovation (Hooray! The stuff of dreams!) so that’s why our living room looks like CRAZINESS with all the stuff from every closet in the way of our regular life. In fact, as I type this, Hubby is taking a load of stuff to the storage unit so we can go through it and get rid of some things. Easier to go through it while it’s NOT in our house, right?

Anyway, it’s Tuesday, so why you’re REALLY here is to hear about the funny things my kids have said. So here goes! Enjoy!

D finds this part of a guitar stand:Me: What’s that?
D: I dunno, but I’m gonna chase you with it!

I get in the car with a pizza…
J: mmm, I smell that pizza! Smells like roasted chicken and marshmallows!
Me: I’m not sure I’d like those things on a pizza.

J: I didn’t have a good day. It didn’t happen like I wanted.
Me: Aw, what did you want to happen?
J: I wanted to have rehearsal. (Aka to be at church for a while this evening)

D, telling me a story: A rainbow bad guy was running around there and slamming the door! And then an adult was coming! And that bad guy was like, “Ooooh!”

D, pointing to a large bank: That house is aMAsing!

J, point at Hubby’s glass: You didn’t even take a nibble out of your beer, Dad!

EK: Is J in kindergarten yet?
Me: No, did you think he would go into kindergarten without you knowing?
EK: He keeps many secrets from me.

What are your kids saying these days that’s silly or hilarious?! Please share – we love new funnies!

Things Toddlers Say

HEY! We are leaving for Florida tomorrow for a week, so I can’t promise how good vacation mom is at writing down the funnies… so enjoy these to last you till then! Happy Tuesday!!

Hubby helping EK with a crossword puzzle: What’s the thing that goes on pizza that’s round?
EK: Mozzarella?

Hubby: What do y’all want for lunch?
EK: We haven’t had Mexigan in a while.

J, knowing about science: Baby ducks are not chicks. Baby ducks are baby ducks.

EK on Easter: Does Jesus die every year?
Our friend Drew: Well, it only happened once but we celebrate it every year.
EK: I don’t know if I believe that.

EK to our pastor on Easter: You did a really nice job today.

D, being more like me than ever: *Using his bacon as a spoon in his grits*

J at bedtime: Daddy, your love makes me a happy boy.

EK to me: Phew. I better not get in trouble any more.

What are your kids saying these days?! Inquiring minds want to know!

Preschool Has Started With a Bang!

This morning, I dropped EK and J off at preschool. Much to my surprise, and chagrin, they were so excited that I didn’t even get a goodbye hug! They just walked right in, threw their stuff down, and got started. I expected that to happen with EK, but I expected some trepidation from J. Well, no way. He waltzed right in there, dropped his bag on the ground (I had to hang it for him) and started playing. The kid knew where he was and what he wanted to do. And even though I’m a little sad he didn’t even want to hug me or anything, I am thrilled we won’t have any sadness. It makes a mama SO happy to know her kids are having fun and not crying.

The only thing that was a little crazy was getting out the door on time. To get to school on time, we should leave around 8:45. I think we pulled out of the driveway at 8:56. While it’s okay to be late the first day, that just isn’t going to fly every single time we go. Especially because I work at church on Thursday mornings, and I need to be getting things ready for the women’s service every Thursday around 8:30. Do the math on that one, folks. That’s leaving the house at 8:15. Can we handle it? Time will tell. 

 Our morning routine went a little like this…

7:15 – I hear J waking up a little on the monitor.
7:20 – My alarm goes off. (Snoozed. Big time.)
7:30 – I get up, because my other alarm (the baby) had gone off.
7:45 – My mom comes up the stairs (she’s leaving this am) and Hubby gets out of the shower, and D is done nursing. Pass the baby to Hubby, my mom starts making breakfast, I go down to get the kids. (An unrealistic view of what will happen most of the time… because Mom won’t be here.)
8:00 – Kids and I are in the shower (we skipped baths last night)
8:30 – Kids and I are clean, dressed, and having breakfast.
8:40 – I start my rush to grab things I didn’t prepare last night (not many, thankfully).
8:50 – Packing the kids in the car. J poops (duh), so he gets back out for a change.
8:56 – Pull out of the driveway.

Not too bad, Hsus. Not too bad. We were only a couple of minutes late; 15 minutes travel time allows for some traffic, which we blessedly didn’t have this morning. Usually, we don’t do showers in the morning, so that’ll take some time out. Also, I’m thinking about packing breakfasts or picking up smoothies on the way on Thursdays, since the kids will have 30 minutes of hanging out while I work before their school starts. That’s plenty of time to have a breakfast smoothie, right? Maybe we can handle it. 

This guy had the most peaceful morning nap he’s ever had.
 Any tips on making school mornings go more smoothly? That don’t happen to include getting up earlier? I’ve got a family of fairly late sleepers (for toddlers, anyway), and I don’t want to have to break that habit just yet.


Hey, Wednesday! I might be a little late for one link up, but I’m just on time for the other! I can’t believe it’s already September and that my kids start preschool tomorrow! The weather is cooling off (thankfully) and life is gearing up to be busy till…. next summer or so. I love it, and fall is my favorite.

I’m linking up (belatedly) with Becky at Choose Happy, and with Anne at In Residence and Jenna at Gold and Bloom for their September link up. Please join us (in both places!) and let us know what you’re up to currently! Here’s a little bit about me, currently…

currently button

Anticipating || The start of preschool tomorrow! My two older kids are attending a new preschool (well, anything would be new for J) so we are excited to get that started! It’s at the church where we attend and I lead worship, so at least it’s a familiar place. We had open house on Monday, and that seemed to go really well! I’m excited to see how these first couple of weeks go!

Reading || Loving the Little Years. Well, I haven’t started it yet, but that’s what my goal is during naptimes and for when I’m up at night. Sometimes I’m too zonked to read when I get up with D, but other times I’m awake enough to take in a little of what I’m looking at, either on my phone or my Kindle. Anyway, I heard that this book was a great one for parents of young children, and I’m definitely in that season.

little years

Loving || the slightly cooler weather! Don’t get me wrong – it’s still getting hot. But the mornings are a little cooler, as are the evenings. Before I know it (I hope, anyway) it’ll be time for boots and scarves. YAY! I’m interested to try some more pumpkin spice things this year, but I’m not one of those people who is completely sold on pumpkin everything. I like apple and spices just as much or more.

Source: www.pghlesbian.com
Source: http://www.pghlesbian.com. Let’s be honest – it’s funny!

Organizing || my kids’ closets. D is already growing out of some things, and EK and J need to have their closets/drawers overhauled for the start of fall. Their pants from last year might be a little short, and probably some shirts too (even though I know I bought a few shirts a little big just for this reason). Both my kids have long limbs, and are long-waisted like I am, so sometimes finding clothes that fit them perfectly is a little difficult.

Making || time in my schedule to write. I’ve got a date with my laptop tomorrow morning to bring y’all some more goodness on the blog. I’m hoping to get back to submitting a few things to several other sites, and really find my groove again. I’ve taken long enough off after D got here. It’s time for me to find a rhythm of life and get back to doing the things I want to do. I’ve gone on a few runs, started back at my church job, and tomorrow starts school. If that’s not enough reason to schedule the last few things in, I don’t know what is!

Well, tell me what’s going on with you! How has school gotten started in your family? Are you back in full swing, or still waiting for another thing or two to get rolling? Is it cooling off where you live?

Happenings with the Hsumans

First of all, thanks to my readers and friends for the sweet comments here and on Facebook about our newest news that bump #3 is a boy! Everyone seems just as pumped for a little brother as we are!!

Here’s a little life update on the house and bump numero tres…

unnamed (10)

I’m 16 weeks tomorrow (we go ahead and count it, right?) and I’m feeling awesome! Nesting would be happening if renovations weren’t already making things crazy… however, I’ve been reorganizing things here and there, and a little interior design sure feels like nesting. I’ve been making plans for the kids’ new rooms, their furniture, and what I need for the new baby.

Here’s my dilemma of the hour, so if you have some advice, hit me with it!

When I had J, EK was old enough to move to a big girl bed. So what I did was change over the nursery colors, and move all of EK’s clothes, etc to her “big girl room”. We amped it up big time, and started letting her do everything but sleep in there a couple of months early. Then, when J was born, she spent a couple of weeks really getting used to sleeping in there (J was still in his little Moses basket anywhere we felt like letting him sleep). Then, when he needed to move to the crib, she was already in her new room and big girl bed. Well, J will be too young, I think, to put him in a big guy bed, especially downstairs in his new room, so I think I’ll want to keep him in his crib/a crib.

That seems like no big deal, but I have a few problems. #1: We only have one crib. #2: It’s too big to get through the doorway of his bedroom (to move it downstairs) and it’s a MAJOR pain to dissemble and assemble. #3: Yes, we have a pack ‘n’ play, but it’s in rough shape, and I don’t think it could contain my 30lb son if he wanted to get out.

So there’s my dilemma. Basically, I need a crib to put downstairs in J’s room for a few months, until he’s ready for a bigger bed. He will probably move downstairs sometime between April (when the renovation is done) and July (when the baby comes) and then into a big boy bed in the late fall or early winter. I don’t want to go buy a crib just for 6 months or less, but would love to borrow one or take one off someone’s hands if they’re done with it (or done for 6 months time). I’m trying to work out the time where I need it for the shortest amount of time (without rushing J into a big boy bed), in case we end up borrowing from someone.

And on to other things… current prego status…

Craving PIZZA and Arnold Palmers
Taking less naps (finally)
Working out a little more (weather-dependent)
Getting to the bump stage instead of large dinner stage (no bumpie yet, sorry)
Getting up to pee in the middle of the night (I didn’t miss it)
Not into maternity clothes yet, but wearing mostly leggings and yoga pants for now.
Still really excited to get those Piko shirts that shipped today (I mentioned them here )

Today we’re at my in-laws’ house, because the drywall installation is loud (think power drills x 100) and because they installed the tub, which turned off the water for several hours (think about the potty training toddler and the pregnant lady and see the importance of having the potties). We’ve done several loads of laundry already, and caught up on some paperwork, and decided on preschool plans for next year, so I’d say it was a good, productive day so far.

I’ve got two basically boring pictures of the basement I can put up… and I’m sorry they’re not better. The first one is the laundry room getting insulation, and the other is of the powder room. They were the only two spots that had enough light to see what was going on when I took the pictures. Once the drywall is done and the lights are hooked up, I’ll be taking more and better ones.

You can see the washer/dryer hookup on the right side.
You can see the washer/dryer hookup on the right side.
Standing in the mudroom, looking into the powder room.
Standing in the mudroom, looking into the powder room.

That’s what’s going on in my world right about now. What’s going on in yours?

A Summary of Preschool Summer Camp

EK went to camp this week. The church where she’ll be attending two mornings a week of preschool in the fall had a Monday-Thursday summer camp, so we thought that would be a great idea to make a few friends and get used to her new space.

In short, here is a summary of some things we did/learned this week:

-Screaming drop offs almost every morning.
-Feather painting, tissue paper art turtle, and glittery paper plate “fish bowls” (this week’s theme was Pet Pals)
-Vacuuming playground sand from her bed when she got up from her nap
-First experience packing a lunch for a toddler. She eats more at home when we’re eating with her. Win of the week: a banana and a squeeze pack of fruit/yogurt
-Receiving a text message from my cousin that she had seen EK on the playground happily running around (on only the second day, no less!)
-Being at home in an all-too-quiet house in the morning is strange and a bit sad (but I could get used to it)
-J was SO HAPPY when she came home each day; he just stared at her and smiled.
-A girl’s gender-neutral sippy cups WILL be mistaken for a boy’s. Come on, people.
-The mixed feelings you have when your daughter waltzes right into her classroom and doesn’t look back will cause you to call Hubby from the car crying.