Pregnant With My Third! (Volume 2)

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Written at 6 weeks.

This is my first pregnancy that I haven’t had a full-time job. Wait. Let’s restate that. This is my first pregnancy that I haven’t had a full-time job teaching, outside of the home. I do have a full-time job right now. I mother two kiddos. That IS a full-time job.

This pregnancy has been an interesting one so far because I feel like I’ve known I was pregnant forever already. I mean two weeks but still. With EK, I found out at 6 weeks. With J, I found out at 9 weeks. Finding out at 4 weeks was awesome (my lifestyle changed immediately and entirely) and also difficult. Some symptoms I was having already (fatigue, digestive weirdness, etc)and then some seemed to intensify when I saw those two lines on that test. My fatigue went from early bedtime to needing a nap almost daily. My appetite skyrocketed, which had happened with EK. At 6 weeks, I was calling myself crazy because I was SURE I could feel the baby move. And no, it wasn’t gas. I’ve been pregnant before – I know the difference. Best response ever from my friend who received the text, swearing I could feel my lentil-sized baby move: “Maybe not that early for baby #3 – they say you are so in tune by then. I wouldn’t doubt it… Heartbeat and spontaneous movement start at 6 weeks.” Friends validating a girl for the win!

I do really want to believe that I’m so in tune with my body that I can feel every little hormone surge (yes, I’m crying about everything) and little spontaneous movement in my womb. Who knows. But the likelihood is that a lot of it’s mental. I know I’m pregnant, and I know that I’ve felt those things before… so why wouldn’t I be feeling them right now?

Has anyone else ever had super early pregnancy symptoms? Or felt like you had those “feelings” when you… didn’t?

4 thoughts on “Pregnant With My Third! (Volume 2)”

  1. Lovely post, being pregnant and feeling the baby move is magical. I gave birth to my first baby in August 2014. She is sleeping in my lap right now. I remember how exciting it was to feel her move within me – she was very active and I felt her all the time from around week 16 I think, until I was giving birth 🙂

    I say trust your own feelings! It IS a very special feeling and if you think you can feel the baby move you probably can! ♡


    1. Thanks! And I know you are enjoying your little one… that age is so special (obviously every age is, but I really like the four-five month age specifically). My first two were both really active, so it doesn’t surprise me too much that this one is moving so much I can feel it!

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  2. I definitely knew. I think it was more because I had been off my birth control for almost 2 months, and decided I was going to start taking it again after my next cycle….well, it got closer and closer and I was like something is off..and I mean I felt this way, like I swear,almost 2 weeks before my period was due. Eating EVERYTHING, blaming it on PMS, when that’s not a usual PMS symptom for me..then, I go to put my scrub pants on for work, and not no, but HELL no…the elastic was cutting of vital circulation..this was now a week before period…then sharp pains in the boob area..I was like nahhhhh, surely not, I mean, it took 10 months to get way it took less than 2 for it to happen this time. Kept taking the cheap line tests, and they’d come up negative asap, but then turn after the “don’t look at it” time like 5 minutes later…so that’s when I bought a clear blue digital…took it 2 and 1/2 days before period, and bam…positive. Even though I pretty much knew, I freaked out thinking about how this was going to “ruin” my little guys life because he’s been the center of our universe for so long. But I’m ok now…just EXTREMELY BLOATED AND UNCOMFORTABLE.


    1. Haha isn’t it funny how your pregnancies can be so different? We got pregnant super quick this time also. I almost only ever buy those cheap tests (if you’re gonna take a lot of them when you’re trying, why buy the expensive ones?!) and I kept getting positive at four weeks, and I’d take one like every morning because I wanted to be sure, even though I was already feeling it as well. Crazy. I’m excited for you and I hope bloated is all the uncomfortable you feel 🙂


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