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Pregnant With My Third! (Volume 7)

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Written at 11 weeks.

I. Am. So. Hormonal. It’s pitiful. I cry often, I yell often. It’s almost like pregnancy bi-polar. Who am I? A tired mommy who gets frustrated at little things and cries about it. Yep.

Have you ever seen the movie Juno? Do you know the song that’s in the movie, a duet by a guy and girl who are only okay singers, and there are some weird lyrics, but “I don’t see what anyone could see in anyone else buuuuuuuut you.”? Yeah. There’s a line about “shiny, happy fits of rage”. I can’t get it out of my head, because sometimes that’s what it feels like. What can I say? I’m a weirdo right now.

I’m starting to show a little bit, so I guess it’s good that it’s winter and I can wear chunky sweaters and leggings. That’s about all I feel good in anyway. I had my first nurse visit today, where we talked about genetics, previous pregnancies, symptoms and future testing, and they took about a gallon of blood. I’ve been feeling really well though, so it was nice to answer “no” to a bunch of questions she asked me. The ultrasound is on the calendar, which is exciting, because who doesn’t love to see their tiny jellybean, squirming around!?

I’ve been craving smoothies, which is good. I pack them full of apple juice and spinach, so that they taste good while being healthy. The fruit that goes in almost doesn’t matter… usually there’s some blueberries and strawberries, a banana, some peaches maybe, or some other berries I’ve got around. At least half the fruit I put in is frozen, so that the finished product’s got a good consistency. I also put some oatmeal and some almond milk in so that there’s a punch to keep me full. Yay smoothies!

Well, that’s all I can think of for now. Just being hormonal and drinking smoothies. It’s been a little while since I’ve written a pregnancy update, so I felt like I needed to do it!

Pregnant With My Third! (Volume 6)

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Written at 10 weeks.

I saw a Facebook post this morning, while laying in bed with my terrible cold (happy new year, am I right?), that made me laugh out loud. A friend of mine with two little boys, similarly aged to mine – oldest is a bit younger than EK, youngest a bit younger than J – posted her resolution for 2015: no childbirth. She elaborated that after two consecutive unmedicated labors/deliveries, she wanted a pain-free year in which she could have more than one cocktail. And you know my reaction – directly after the laughter, that is? Total understanding and a little bit of jealousy. I will have had a baby in 2012, 2013, and 2015. I will have been pregnant or nursed most of the way through each of those years and also obviously 2014. That’s a long time of taking extra precautions because another living thing is quite literally depending on my health and habits. Not just that if I’m sick, I need to get well quickly. Not just that I need to be present and attentive. It’s literally growing a child in my womb, who relies on my every decision. It’s literally nourishing a child via the nourishment I provide for myself. That’s pretty heavy stuff.

But it’s also been good for me. I’ve led a healthier lifestyle in general – I’ve eaten more nutritiously and intentionally (food as fuel, know what I mean?). I’ve exercised, yes to lose my baby weight twice, but to be a healthy pregnant woman also. And having two little ones depending on me, not to mention a husband who depends on me (not in the same way, but he still does), has been the ultimate weighing factor in my decision-making. I need to be healthy, mentally and emotionally available, present and nurturing for those in my life counting on me. The best way for me to help others is to be my best self, my healthiest self.

Has anyone else had a few busy years here, creating and nurturing lives? I know I’ve got a few friends who can relate to a few years in a row of eating extra greens and drinking less alcohol/caffeine. Did you change your lifestyle? How? Do you have tips, or best practices to share?

Pregnant With My Third! (Volume 5)

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Written at 9.5 weeks pregnant

I’ve decided that the time of year didn’t line up with my time of pregnancy as nicely as with my other two. I want to stay motivated to run and work out, mainly to keep up my energy level but also to not gain weight too quickly… but unfortunately the weather is cold and dreary, and that does NOT motivate me to go for a run. It motivates me to take a nap. Which I do.

Also not helping my feelings/weight/energy level: the holidays. I’m eating like the Kool-Aid guy and I’m probably going to look like him, too. And can everyone say “SUGAR CRASH” with me? S-U-G-A-R C-R-A-S-H, folks. I’m worse than my kids when there are sweets in the house. That’s why when I’m craving something, I make it Paleo or Clean and I don’t keep it around long. I won’t survive this season of cakes and sweet breakfasts. I’ve gained 5 pounds in the past couple of weeks. Oops.

Also getting a little bit annoying are the sleeping habits of my entire family. I know that there are lots of treats being eaten, but not after dinner, and I know there are a lot of people around to play with, but they’ll still be there after nap time. This not sleeping thing is killing me, especially since both of the kids are kicking the last little bit of their runny noses and coughs. The worst of it was last weekend, but they’re lingering, and I know resting well would help. I’m just hoping for the last Christmas miracle of not getting what they have myself.

Anyway, done for now. I know I shouldn’t complain about the holidays, because we are blessed with family and gifts and food and a home to live in. So my bad.

Pregnant With My Third! (Volume 4)

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Written at 8 weeks.

I have one word for y’all: headaches.

That’s been the story of my life this round. Exhaustion headaches, caffeine withdrawal headaches (guilty!), especially since new research has come out that argues even the previous “safe amount” of caffeine could be unhealthy for the baby, and I’ve tried to lay off of it completely. So that’s been a bummer. I’ve been squeezing in naps where I can, and taking the pregnancy-safe amount of Tylenol sometimes (I hate taking medicine) to just get through the afternoon/evening. And ready for a bit of TMI? A little pregnancy constipation has forced its way into my life. You’re welcome 🙂

In other news, I have finally shared the news with all members of the families!! Everyone is totally supportive and excited for us, and I feel a huge weight off my shoulders. It is so hard to keep a secret this big!

This time around, I was able to tell some people in person… My mom and brother were already here for Christmas, so they heard in person. Phone call to my dad, who spread word to the rest of our fam. Ryan’s entire fam heard in person, because they were all in town for their annual Christmas party. Several friends got funny, randomly dropped into conversation, announcements, and a few got a calls and texts. It’s been interestingly more sensitive the third time around. With EK, we were so excited we had to share the fastest way… Phone calls all around!

How did y’all tell your loved ones about your pregnancies? In person? Phone call? Cutesie announcement? Party? Low-key lunch date? Accidentally?! I want to hear the story!

Pregnant With My Third! (Volume 3)

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Written at 7 weeks.

Being pregnant is hard. Being pregnant with a kid is harder. Being pregnant with a job and two kids? My hats are off to y’all that have done this and survived. I hope I’ll join your ranks in a few months.

I’ve been feeling a little guilty these past few weeks because I feel like I’ve been choosing to either be healthy for the baby in my belly (aka take a nap, lay on the couch, eat the comfort food) or be the best mom to the existing kids (get up, turn off the tv, facilitate learning and go outside to play). Those are exaggerations, but sometimes it does feel like I can either choose to succumb to the fatigue and let the kids watch tv all afternoon, or I can choose to ramp it up and possibly make myself puke. Blerg.

Anyway, I know there are tons of you out there who have already done this, more times probably, and have great ideas and encouragement. So hit me with it! Leave a comment with how you balanced your life, or how you got the best of both worlds. I know there’s a way!

Pregnant With My Third! (Volume 2)

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Written at 6 weeks.

This is my first pregnancy that I haven’t had a full-time job. Wait. Let’s restate that. This is my first pregnancy that I haven’t had a full-time job teaching, outside of the home. I do have a full-time job right now. I mother two kiddos. That IS a full-time job.

This pregnancy has been an interesting one so far because I feel like I’ve known I was pregnant forever already. I mean two weeks but still. With EK, I found out at 6 weeks. With J, I found out at 9 weeks. Finding out at 4 weeks was awesome (my lifestyle changed immediately and entirely) and also difficult. Some symptoms I was having already (fatigue, digestive weirdness, etc)and then some seemed to intensify when I saw those two lines on that test. My fatigue went from early bedtime to needing a nap almost daily. My appetite skyrocketed, which had happened with EK. At 6 weeks, I was calling myself crazy because I was SURE I could feel the baby move. And no, it wasn’t gas. I’ve been pregnant before – I know the difference. Best response ever from my friend who received the text, swearing I could feel my lentil-sized baby move: “Maybe not that early for baby #3 – they say you are so in tune by then. I wouldn’t doubt it… Heartbeat and spontaneous movement start at 6 weeks.” Friends validating a girl for the win!

I do really want to believe that I’m so in tune with my body that I can feel every little hormone surge (yes, I’m crying about everything) and little spontaneous movement in my womb. Who knows. But the likelihood is that a lot of it’s mental. I know I’m pregnant, and I know that I’ve felt those things before… so why wouldn’t I be feeling them right now?

Has anyone else ever had super early pregnancy symptoms? Or felt like you had those “feelings” when you… didn’t?

Pregnant With My Third! (Volume 1)

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Written at 5 weeks pregnant.

Finding out that you’re pregnant when you’re only four weeks along is no joke. Why did I even take the test, you ask? Well, because I was already feeling exhausted and downright strange. I knew we had been “not not trying”. (That’s my term for not planning out days to try to conceive, but also not being on birth control. “Letting it happen” basically.) So when I was feeling extra tired and a little, well, crappy, I took a chance and peed on the stick. A FULL WEEK before my period was supposed to start. And guess what, folks? I was pregnant! Right there at four weeks. So early I knew it’d be silly to tell, but already so excited I couldn’t contain myself. That’s why when my friend Stephanie mentioned to me (in secret at the time) the next day that she was also expecting her third (10 weeks along. She was totally in the clear.) I was like “AHHH! ME TOO!!” because I knew she could keep my secret. That’s why in my “8 Truths About Being Pregnant” post, I wrote about having a secret keeper. Women are communicators. And when you have big news like this, that is totally life changing, yet you’re supposed to keep it to yourself, it’s damned near impossible. So choose a secret keeper to blab your news to and chat about plans with. It’s always a nice thing to share your news with a loved one who will pray with you, be excited for you, and check up on you till you share your news with everyone else.

Anyway, for the first week after I found out, all Hubby and I could talk about was how we were ever going to keep it quiet (no caffeine? no alcohol?) until I was at least 10 weeks along. We were devising plans, thinking of “mocktails” (which is ridiculous because I’m a wine and beer gal, not much girly liquor drinking for me) and trying our hardest to think of excuses for “being super healthy” since it was during the holidays. In hind sight, I should’ve been coming up with excuses for why I needed so many naps… that’s what’s been the most obvious, but maybe everyone doesn’t know I’m taking these naps…

Anyway, that’s it for today. If you’re enjoying hearing about the past few weeks you’ve missed, check the blog tomorrow for more!