Reading Challenge 2015

So I’m an avid reader of Daily Geekette and have finally decided to join them in doing POPSUGAR’s Reading Challenge in 2015. The reason that I love this challenge more than other book lists is the free-will option they’ve added in. Instead of giving me a list of 20 must-reads, they’ve given a list for which thousands of books can apply to each category. I LOVE the freedom in it, and am excited to see if I can finish during this year! Hubby and I have been reading more than watching TV recently (a big accomplishment for two parents who like to zone wayyyyy out after the kids are in bed).

I will give you the disclaimer that I’m not going to read 50 different (well, 52, since one requirement is a trilogy) books… I’m going to let a few fill several categories at once. For instance, a book that made you cry could be almost anything for me – especially right now while I’m pregnant!

Reading Challenge 2015


I’ll tell you a few of the books that I’ve already read this year that are going to qualify for different categories:

I just finished the Divergent Trilogy (Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant) about a week ago. It could be my trilogy, a book that became a movie, a book with a one-word title, a book that a friend recommended, a book set in the future, and a book that made me cry. I don’t need it to fill all those categories, because I can easily fill several of those. But I’m going to let the series be my trilogy, and Divergent will be my book that became a movie. If I need to switch it to the book set in the future instead of the movie one, I can. I’m flexible!

Where’d You Go, Bernadette? could be my mystery, although I wouldn’t be sad to read more mysteries. What Alice Forgot made me cry, and was written by a woman. I’m going to read The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton, to fulfill my book I haven’t read by an author that I love. When I pick back up the Outlander series (I got through the third book and took a break from Jamie and Claire), those are over 500 pages and also turned into a TV series!

How many of y’all would like to join me on my book quest?! I know there are several of you who enjoyed my reviews of Where’d You Go, Bernadette? and What Alice Forgot and gave me some suggestions of what to read next! So now, I’ll have a million recommendations from friends! If you give me a suggestion, tell me which category it might fulfill!

Can’t wait to make 2015 a year of reading. Join me!

6 thoughts on “Reading Challenge 2015”

  1. I’m also doing this challenge. I’m aiming for the 52 books but I’m counting the trilogy as one. If you are interested in my reading and the way I’m doing the challenge, please check out my blog category Saturday Scrolls. Look forward to seeing what you are reading!


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