Linking up with Becky and Choose Happy and several other friends for another Currently! Please join us and let us know what you’re currently up to!

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Craving || Banana peppers. I like them on sandwiches, salads, and pizza. Why do I need them all the time? No clue. I’m also eating a lot of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. 🙂

Enjoying || The gorgeous warmer weather! It’s finished snowing (hopefully) and we are seeing the sun! I even took my kids on a walk AFTER DINNER tonight! I know – totally unheard of!

Excited about || having only three more weeks (ish) in our renovation! That’s only three more weeks of farming out laundry, going around the whole house to get to everything in the back, and having WAY TOO MUCH stuff upstairs. Also, I’m excited to start looking at some new furniture for the downstairs, and get back all the furniture that we kept (because we loved it) that’s in garages all over town.

Loving || My kiddos. EK has made it at least a little bit past her truly ornery stage (she was a pill for a few weeks there) and gotten back closer to her regular disposition – which is good, because I was going nuts. Also, both kids are communicating a lot more (at their own levels) than they used to, so I’m excited to see how this next few weeks goes in the way of talking!

Watching || The Bachelor finale! I’m leaving for a friend’s house in just a few minutes!whitney-bischoff9


Whelp, I’m off to see who wins!

2 thoughts on “Currently”

  1. Cookie dough ice cream is my fav! Yay for the reno being almost done. I remember when we painted our house all that mess was driving me crazy. Seeing you write about laundry reminded me that I need to put some in the dryer haha.


  2. We are also enjoying the warm weather. It feels good to be outside more!
    YAY for new furniture and cookie dough ice cream!ha
    Thank you for joining my Currently series this week! I love hearing what you are up to!
    XO Becky with Choose Happy


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