Things Toddlers Say

I’ve been a little slack this week. There’s been a lot going on. Good things are coming, I promise! To show you, here’s a hilarious little glimpse into the conversations one might have with my sweet baby girl…

I’ve started trying to write down the funny things that EK says now that she’s such a great talker. Hopefully you’ll laugh about these as much as I did!

EK, unprompted, when I picked her up from childcare at the Y: Mom! I dressed up! I played toys! I played balls! I played diaper man!
Me: ….neat, babe!

Me, to Hubby: what time did EK get up this morning?
EK: at fourteen.

EK: Help me do my nightgwown!
Me: Okay, here, it’s inside out.
Me: You asked me to help you.
Me: …okay…

EK: I need a tissue.
Me: Okay, here you go.
(I hand her a tissue)
EK: Phew. I had two booders!
(Boogers, obviously.)

Hubby: EK, could you sing “Getting To Know You”?
EK: Hang on. I need my mikey-phone.

Those are just a few funnies from this week! What are some hilarious things that your toddler says!?

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