Things Toddlers Say

This week has been pretty hilarious, and I thought about taking a few of these out to save them for next week, but hey, she’ll say more hilarious things between now and then!

Hubby, relentlessly tickling EK: Ha! I got you! I got you!
EK (amid gales of laughter): Stop it, Daddy! That tickles! Stop it! Daddy! THIS. IS. NOT. WORKING!

Every morning when EK wakes up: Good nooning, Mommy! I need some breffast!

Upon bringing me an imaginary bowl of “soup”…
EK: Try the soup, Mama! It’s not spicy.

Overheard in J’s room…
EK: No! I sit in the bum-bum! (code for Bumbo)

EK (upon finding a bowl of Smarties I had tried to hide from her Easter eggs): Yum! These made my throat feel better!

Playing with her tea set:
EK: I can’t find a doonk!
Hubby: Are you trying to say spoon? Because that’s not even close.

(In response to her delicious lunch her dad made) EK: You’re a good cooker-man!
Me: (small chuckle)
EK: I said, “you’re a good cooker-man”, Mom!
Me: (obligatory big laugh)

After Hubby leans on top of EK to kiss her goodnight: Ow! Daddy, you hurt my boobs! (Guess my sore boobs have been a topic of conversation recently. Pregnancy fail.)

And, for J’s debut on “Things Toddlers Say”31:

J, to the (perfect) tune of the Alphabet Song: A, A, C, C, A, A, C… (He’s a prodigy.)

What were your favorite quotes from this week? What has your toddler said?!

3 thoughts on “Things Toddlers Say”

  1. My child got on the bus yesterday morning and the little girl that sits in the seat across from him was crying. So I told him “Jason, Jeanette is crying, try and make her feel better”….he looks at her and says “Jeanette…you need to go to doctor..” hahaha..not the kind of “feel better” I was going for, but it was hilarious.

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