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Things Toddlers Say

Happy Tuesday, y’all! It’s almost OFFICIALLY summer! Hope you had a great holiday weekend, and enjoy these funnies!

J, talking about his Transformer: Aw! He’s holding his little buddy!

At 7:45pm on our way home from dinner…
J: Can we play outside when we get home?
Me: Let’s see what time it is when we get there. I don’t wanna say yes or no.
J: So you wanna say maybe?
Me: Exactly.

EK: Today we were supposed to have book buddies, but they couldn’t come. So we wasted that time with popsicles.

J, after the park: I’m sweatin’ wif real for real water.
EK: Yeah, that’s water that you drank.
J: No, that’s sweat wif real for real water.

J: You’re my life.
EK: No.

So they like to play “family” a lot…
J: You remember when we got married that one time?
EK: Let’s just pretend to be brother and sister.
Me: …..

It begins raining while the sun is still shining…
J: I don’t know why the earth is doing that!

D, romancing me: I have a new heark (heart) wif you in it! And we eat da mashamellows!

J, showing me his toe he had stubbed (badly) the day before: Mom! Look how much God healed it!

That’s it for this week! What are your kiddos saying these days? Share in the comments!

Things Toddlers Say

Happy Tuesday! Thanks for checking out this week’s Things Toddlers Say! Here are a few things you might’ve heard in my house this week…  

I’m beginning to see just how much J understands when we talk to him. I say “breakfast” and he runs to the table. I say “bathtime” and he runs to the bathroom. I say “blow your nose” and he’ll blow air out of his mouth. I say “diaper” and he runs away.

Upon entering Target, EK: Mommy! It’s so beautiful in here! I love this place!

While in pushing her in a shopping cart, EK: Mommy! Watch where you’re going. (This is just piggybacking on her giving me driving advice.)

EK: I love you with all my heart!
Me: I love you with all my heart!
EK: No! My heart!
Me: When I say that to you, it just means I love you the same as you love me.
EK: No! My heart!
Me: I tried.

Proof we listen to too much talk radio: EK: O-o-o-o’reilly…. Auto parts!

A quick story… The kids play this game during meals sometimes where they take turns ducking their heads under the table and looking at each other. It’s awful when I’m trying to get them to eat, but they’re adorable just giggling at each other and making faces and silly sounds.

The other night at dinner, after Hubby had gone to his gig, they were playing this game. They were tired, bordering on delirious, and I could tell it was going to be early bedtimes despite the amount of dinner eaten, so I just let them do it.
One time when EK ducked down, she hit her cheek on the table. She looked at me, unsure whether to laugh or cry, so I didn’t make a big deal and said, “Ouch! Good thing you’re tough!” and she took a second, and smiled. I looked down at J, and he, fully aware, leaned down and hit his face right on the table. It was one of those “All the cool kids are doing it!” moments. He looked at me with the exact same face EK had, so I just responded with the same, “Ouch! Good thing you’re tough!” to see if it would work on him the same way. And it did. No tears. Those kids.


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Things Toddlers Say

This week has been pretty hilarious, and I thought about taking a few of these out to save them for next week, but hey, she’ll say more hilarious things between now and then!

Hubby, relentlessly tickling EK: Ha! I got you! I got you!
EK (amid gales of laughter): Stop it, Daddy! That tickles! Stop it! Daddy! THIS. IS. NOT. WORKING!

Every morning when EK wakes up: Good nooning, Mommy! I need some breffast!

Upon bringing me an imaginary bowl of “soup”…
EK: Try the soup, Mama! It’s not spicy.

Overheard in J’s room…
EK: No! I sit in the bum-bum! (code for Bumbo)

EK (upon finding a bowl of Smarties I had tried to hide from her Easter eggs): Yum! These made my throat feel better!

Playing with her tea set:
EK: I can’t find a doonk!
Hubby: Are you trying to say spoon? Because that’s not even close.

(In response to her delicious lunch her dad made) EK: You’re a good cooker-man!
Me: (small chuckle)
EK: I said, “you’re a good cooker-man”, Mom!
Me: (obligatory big laugh)

After Hubby leans on top of EK to kiss her goodnight: Ow! Daddy, you hurt my boobs! (Guess my sore boobs have been a topic of conversation recently. Pregnancy fail.)

And, for J’s debut on “Things Toddlers Say”31:

J, to the (perfect) tune of the Alphabet Song: A, A, C, C, A, A, C… (He’s a prodigy.)

What were your favorite quotes from this week? What has your toddler said?!

Things Toddlers Say: Grandparents Edition

This past weekend, my parents were up here from Georgia. Because of the renovations, there isn’t exactly a guest room, so we blew up a queen-sized air mattress, and they slept in the kitchen floor. I know –  crazy.  Anyway, the air mattress in the kitchen was a lovely plaything for the kiddos, and EK was making us laugh by calling all the pillows “puddles”. I’m not sure where the disconnect was, but no matter how many times I tried to correct her, it wouldn’t take. That may or may not have been because I was laughing so hard about her saying “puddles”.

We did have a little moment on Saturday when J and EK were playing on the air mattress – like we frequently do on Hubby’s and my bed, which is king-sized – where J was rolling and rolling, and rolled right off onto the floor. Now, this thing is sitting on the ground, so the floor was less than a foot away, so he wasn’t falling from several feet or anything. But, he must’ve hit his face first, before anything else took the weight off, because he ended up with a giant bruise (and scratch, somehow) on his cheek. I noticed today (four days later) that the lovely green and purple have spread up to his eye. I think it’s appropriate to do this: #motheroftheyear

My other favorite thing EK said was when she had woken up from her nap on Sunday, and my parents had left to go home. She knew they would leave while she was asleep, and she got a goodbye hug and kiss and everything, but this was the first thing she said when she woke up:

“Necie and G-Daddy gone to Georgia! I can’t find them! I need to chase them!”

Necie and G-Daddy are obviously what we call my parents. Once again, I will reiterate that she knew they were leaving. And also, I’m not sure we’ve really used the word “chase” before, so I’m not sure when she decided chasing them to Georgia would work, but she definitely wanted to go for it.

An aside: My kids love my parents. They don’t see them as much as Hubby’s family members, so it’s a special treat when they’re here. They also get pretty spoiled, which as long as I’m not doing it, I don’t really mind. But there are definitely times that they get to do silly things (see picture above) that I’d not normally be okay with.

Anyone have a hilarious thing your toddler said this week that you’d like to share?!

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