Things Toddlers Say

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Here’s what’s being said at my house…

EK, waking up on a dreary morning: Oh no! The sun not gon’ came out! (There is no typo in this sentence.)

Our friend Tyler: EK, how old will you be on your birthday?
EK: I don’t know.
Tyler: Will you be one?
EK: Nooooo…
Tyler: Will you be a hundred?
EK: (giggling) Nooooo… (walking away)
Me: We’ve been over this and over this…

EK, opening almost every birthday present and responding this way: Oh my gossshhhh!

How you know you’ve had a successful third birthday party: Hubby went in to check on EK after we had put her to bed on Saturday (the day of her birthday party). She was still mumbling, not quite asleep. When he bent down to give her a kiss, she said, “Daddy, I want my party back…”

Me, talking on the phone to “Barbie”: Oh, hi! Yes, Ella Kate and I can come to your party! Okay, here she is! (Passing the phone to EK.)
EK: Oh, hi! Yes, Ella Kate and I can come to your party! Okay, bye!
Me: …copy cat.

EK: I tooted on you! (Every time.)

Me: Do you want some more raspberries?
J: Yesh!
(I pour them onto his plate.)
J: Yayyyy!

We’ve had a little issue trying to keep J from trying to do the stairs by himself while we’re waiting on the baby gate. Usually calling him back works, and EK has taken to helping.
J, in the basement, runs for the stairs.
EK: Come back, bub!
Me: *stunned silence*
(I affectionately call J “Bubby”, “Bubbub”, and “Bub” sometimes. Not sure how it started, but I was astounded EK picked up the pet names.)

What’s your toddler been talking about this week?

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