I’m Making a Mommitment.

Lately I’ve realized that my social media newsfeeds are overtaken by things about parenting. Blogs giving me suggestions, companies trying to sell me their products, friends posting questions, opinions, and pictures of or related to their kids… I’m totally inundated by “mom stuff”.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of these articles, products and opinions contain labels about a parent’s style. How the mom delivers her baby. How she nourishes her baby. How the parents help their babies sleep. How the parents plan to transport, potty train, educate, and discipline their offspring. There are a thousand ways to rear a child, and no one has any business telling other people they’re doing it wrong, or to try to force their way on someone else. We’re all doing the best we can. This video is a great one along those lines, I think:

I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago about helping mothers (especially expectant mothers and new mothers) feel celebrated and loved. Well, this is part of that. Melissa at One Mother to Another (she’s the best!) brought a movement to my attention. It’s a #mommitment for us to all make to each other, to support mothers, one and all. Whatever our similarities or differences, to set them aside and support each other’s efforts to be the best parents we can, in the best way we know how.

My #mommitment to you:

I pledge to accept you as you are, no matter your situation, choices, or style. I promise to support you, in any way I can, no matter whether we made the same choices for our little ones, or if we couldn’t be more different. I vow to be in your corner, defend you, stand alongside you, laugh with you, cry for you, be happy for you, or mourn with you. I will listen to you respectfully, and respond with kindness. I will share my opinion with grace and understanding. I will not judge you, condemn you, or scoff at you. I will not label you or assume things about you by the choices you have made. I will celebrate your special journey as a mother.

I will do these things because we are bound by an invisible tie. We know some things about each other without being told. We have similarities that cannot be chosen – they are inherent. We are mothers, and we should stand together. I know that sometimes, I will need these things from you, too. I have often asked questions, needed advice, and just plain needed to vent. We all need each other, and building barriers because of styles and “labels” doesn’t help any mother, or any child. 

So there it is. A commitment to you, fellow moms, to be supportive, loving, kind and helpful. To NOT be judging, belittling, unkind, or harsh. I’m passionate about ending the mom wars, and spreading the love and support to all moms. Hear me? Every. Single. One.


If you’re interested in reading about the mom behind the movement, visit Julie’s page Next Life No Kids and read about her journey, and her movement. You can also find her and the mom movement on Facebook and Twitter. Join us, and make your mommitment to end mom wars with compassion and support.

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18 thoughts on “I’m Making a Mommitment.”

  1. LOVE this Whitney! It’s perfect in every way. I’m so glad you’re on board with the Mommitment movement because we need more amazing, supportive, thoughtful mamas like you to help spread the word. And thank you for the compliment…you make me blush 😉

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  2. This is beautifully written Whitney. I agree that video sent me a place when I first brought my son to a baby’s play group. I looked around the room and picked out the Mom’s who were least judgemental about my son’s clothing attire. I’m still friends with those Mom’s 8 years later. We have seen each other through trials and tribulations and for some the arrival of a second child. It’s those Moms that have taught me not to judge myself, my parenting, or others on their journeys. Thank you for sharing your pledge, I support you and pledge myself to the #Mommittment cause. ❤️

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      1. I agree I was a new Mom and I could already feel the disapproving eyes on me. I sought out the smiles on the room and I’ve remained loyal to those lovelies ever since. I’ve moved away from all of them too. But we still make the efforts to keep in touch through technology. I support and share your pledge as well honey. 💞

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  3. That’s a great point of view! I’ve been just discussing it yesterday – we’re all trying to make the choices, which we think are the best for our kids, that’s why we feel so opinionated and passionate about this topic, which in turn often leads to arguments. In the end, we all just want what’s best.

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  4. I love that video every time I see it. And that’s a beautiful mommitment. More understanding and less judgement makes the world a better place for everyone. There are many different ways to successfully parent.


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