Downstairs Living

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I kept thinking I’d wait to give y’all and update and a few pictures until things were looking a little nicer. But the truth is we just aren’t in a rush to get furniture arranged and boxes unpacked, so it looks like that might be quite a while. So, without further ado, here’s a little bit of the settling back into our home we’ve been doing!

Even the kids were (kinda) helping with the clean up!
Trying to find the best place for a princess castle…
Hubs taking a break. I am still loving the rug.
The princess’s bed. Nothing on the walls in this photo… I’ll take a better one soon. She’s been sleeping in there for about a week, with no transition issues! Yay!
Even though this is a bit of a dark shot, I like how it shows the sunlight the kids will still get in their rooms. It’s a basement, but it’s not so, you know, basementy.
“Anna” showing off her digs.
J’s current set up with lots of furniture. I know he’s gonna move into that bigger bed at some point, and I figured he’d get used to it more quickly if it was a fixation in his room. That’s my bedroom suit I grew up with in my room, complete with the quilt!
First new room nap for this guy. He’s basically loving it – aka slept for a little over three hours. That’s about as much as I’ve ever gotten out of him for a nap!

Well there’s a little glimpse of our new space! I’ll keep taking photos as it gets set up, as the temporary guest room gets some furniture, and as I start turning the nursery into a space for baby D. I have a feeling time will fly and he’ll be here before I know it, and the goal is to be settled before then. Three months and counting!

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