Things Toddlers Say

Happy Tuesday! Thanks for checking out this week’s Things Toddlers Say! Here are a few things you might’ve heard in my house this week…  

I’m beginning to see just how much J understands when we talk to him. I say “breakfast” and he runs to the table. I say “bathtime” and he runs to the bathroom. I say “blow your nose” and he’ll blow air out of his mouth. I say “diaper” and he runs away.

Upon entering Target, EK: Mommy! It’s so beautiful in here! I love this place!

While in pushing her in a shopping cart, EK: Mommy! Watch where you’re going. (This is just piggybacking on her giving me driving advice.)

EK: I love you with all my heart!
Me: I love you with all my heart!
EK: No! My heart!
Me: When I say that to you, it just means I love you the same as you love me.
EK: No! My heart!
Me: I tried.

Proof we listen to too much talk radio: EK: O-o-o-o’reilly…. Auto parts!

A quick story… The kids play this game during meals sometimes where they take turns ducking their heads under the table and looking at each other. It’s awful when I’m trying to get them to eat, but they’re adorable just giggling at each other and making faces and silly sounds.

The other night at dinner, after Hubby had gone to his gig, they were playing this game. They were tired, bordering on delirious, and I could tell it was going to be early bedtimes despite the amount of dinner eaten, so I just let them do it.
One time when EK ducked down, she hit her cheek on the table. She looked at me, unsure whether to laugh or cry, so I didn’t make a big deal and said, “Ouch! Good thing you’re tough!” and she took a second, and smiled. I looked down at J, and he, fully aware, leaned down and hit his face right on the table. It was one of those “All the cool kids are doing it!” moments. He looked at me with the exact same face EK had, so I just responded with the same, “Ouch! Good thing you’re tough!” to see if it would work on him the same way. And it did. No tears. Those kids.


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  1. Some of these are hilarious! Keep going with this theme. But I just had to say…..I spy the Ed Sheeran album on your laptop screen! I just bought tix to his concert in June and have been binge listening every chance I get 😉

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