Things Toddlers Say

Sorry for totally missing Tuesday… Cinco de Mayo got me off. Ha! Blame it on anything, right? Anyway, here’s a normal Things Toddlers Say on your Hump Day!

Also, I’ve been thinking… I would technically put EK into the “preschooler” category nowadays, since she’s three and all. I’m going to have to come up with a new branding for this series! I’m taking suggestions. (Note: I like alliteration.) Moving on…

Every once in a while, J puts up one hell of a fight against his car seat. I’m almost unable to get him in there when it’s just me. This particular one of those times, Hubby was helping from the front seat (aka pushing down J’s hips so I could wrestle the screaming, flailing kid). And then Hubby says, “Come on, Joseph! Put your arms in the fun straps!” I was basically worthless after that, dissolving into giggles.

After walking through her grandmother Annie’s garden one afternoon, EK brought me a flower.
Annie: Can you tell Mommy it’s a verbena?
EK: Here Mommy! It’s a banana!
Me: Thanks, sweetie! I thought bananas were yellow! (Verbena is white, FYI. I wouldn’t have known unless I was holding it.)

EK’s new, really sweet thing: I lub you.

J’s new favorite word (said whenever he sees a camera or a phone): CHEESE!!!!!!!

What’s your toddler saying?

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