Currently – When In Rome (Georgia)

Linking up again today (after a little vacation lapse last week) with Becky at Choose Happy and the other fabulous bloggers in my circle for this week’s Currently. Join us to make some friends and spread the love!

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Excited about || my first post published on Scary Mommy! That is a huge deal for me, as I haven’t been sure whether to pursue being published on other sites or not. I write this blog because I love doing it, and so being published elsewhere is really exciting, and opens up a new avenue for me. The fact that my first one is on Scary Mommy is an extra perk- I LOVE their stories.  Here’s the link to my post: 10 Life Lessons You Probably Learned in Your 20s

Traveling || to and from my parents’ house in Georgia. It was great to see my family, my best friend from high school (thanks for driving up, Lauren!), and just relax and let my parents love on my kids. The only drawback was a wicked drive on Mother’s Day (between traffic and cranky kids, it wasn’t pretty) and the fact that EK wakes up early to see my dad when she’s at their house. But they have a pool, so my kids got to swim, found a neat park, and we also spent one morning at the local strawberry patch. So fun! (Sorry I’m not sorry about the picture explosion that’s coming.)

The only moment on the way to my parents’ house that was peaceful.
Couldn’t get them smiling, but my cuties were enjoying some snuggles with Nana (my maternal grandmother)
Kisses for Nana!
EK is like a fish.
My dad and J, relaxing like bosses.
A sweet moment at the strawberry patch before they started fighting.
They might have been small, but they were packed with flavor! Yum!
EK helping my mom fill her bucket.
My boys wandering among the strawberries. (I can’t get over J actually wearing that straw hat!)
Hubs snapped this one while I wasn’t looking. It might be one of my favorites of the two of us ever.              

(Okay, so I included those last ones because they’re hilarious.)

Working || in the yard! I weeded and watered a bit in our vegetable garden, and then worked in the front yard. After being out of town, the weeds were getting a little out of hand, and it hasn’t done nearly enough raining around here. I think our plants were much happier after an hour’s work.

Indulging || in a pedicure. Especially after working in the yard (barefoot, obviously) I realized my feet had been lacking attention. Partially because I haven’t had time or cared enough, and partially because I can’t reach them very well (#pregnantproblems). So I managed to sneak out for a bit and get them taken care of. Phew!

Pregnant feet, pasty white skin… what’s not to love?

Visiting || all the local events this weekend! On Saturday, Hubby and I took the kiddos to the Children’s Home for their Farm Fest to see some animals and get some produce (and we also got local honey!).

Just hilarious. Typical.

And then we had lunch with some friends at the annual Greek Festival in our town. Just another reason we love Winston-Salem – there are always places to go, and things to see!

Thankful for || an amazing group of friends. We’ve got several couples that we can hang out with all together or one on one (or two on two) or with the kids included, and we always have a great time. I’m thankful for the fact that they’re supportive, loving, funny, understanding, and totally chill. That’s a big one for us. We love spending our time with low-drama, low-maintenance people. Thanks, friends, for being you.

Well that’s all for what’s going on with me… You’re all caught up! What’s going on with you currently?

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