Things Toddlers Say

It’s Tuesday, and time for some more hilarious things you might hear at our house! We’ve just caught back up with life after being out of town last week, and then attending several parties and events right when we got home. It’s been a blur!

Upon seeing my parents’ yard worker…
EK: Necie, look! A man!
A few minutes later…
EK: I wanna go watch the man!

EK: Mama! I have something I want to give to my Caroline! (She refers to this friend as “her” Caroline. Sweeties.)

EK: I’m sharing with my brother!
Me: Nothing makes me happier than when y’all share!
EK: Watch me share, mama! (She takes some apple off his plate.)
Me: Oh look, he’s sharing with you, too. (Eye roll.)

New song EK learned at the Y:
Ring around the rosey, pocketful of posies. Achoo! Achoo! We all fall down!

Me: Holy moly!
EK: Mama! Don’t say that word!
Me: Why not? I think “holy moly” is okay to say.
EK: No. It’s a bad one.

Last story… We had a babysitter spend the night with us this week, because she is in high school and we needed her kinda late on a school night. So I offered to take her to school in the morning. After we had dropped her off, EK asked every 30 minutes when we were picking her up from school, the last time being at 7:30pm. Apparently she thinks Lucy should live with us. 

What are the darnedest things your kids say?

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