Things Toddlers Say 

This past week we had a lovely visit from my brother and his girlfriend, and several nights spent with good friends. Naturally my kids behave way better in front of company (right?!) so this one is pretty good… and I’m totally ecstatic that J is joining the ranks of Toddlers Talking. Enjoy!

Picture this (I tried to get a picture unsuccessfully): EK walking around the house with her belly stuck way out, strutting about, talking about having a baby soon. For some reason, she was also talking strangely and had her head tucked in to create more chins. I’d like to say I don’t look like that. But it’s been happening all week.

EK, to my bro’s gf: Sometimes, I hit my brother, and Necie gets mad and spanks me. (Note: this doesn’t happen.)

Saying goodbye to my bro and his gf…
Me: Say, “bye bye!”
The kids: Bye, bye!
Me: Say, “Drive safe!”
EK: Don’t go any fast!
(Same sentiment, right?)

Shouted from across the room…
EK: Daddy! I wanna cucumba salaaaaad!
(My extremely unhealthy kid.)

A kid with an amazing memory…
EK: Mom! I see the hospital where we get the baby! (A conversation about this was had with Hubby the day before.)

Me, trying to stuff more breakfast in my kid: Joseph, would you like some of Mommy’s egg?
J: No! (Runs from the other room, mouth hanging open.)

Watching a friend open a bottle of wine, hands over her mouth… When he finally got it:
EK: You got it! You got it! Yay!
(Always worth celebrating.)

J eats a bite of cupcake: Happy birthday to you…. (It’s not anyone’s birthday. He just likes that song a lot.)

Me: EK, tell Andrea and Chris good night!
EK: Good night! Good night! (Turns to me.) Mom! I said good night to girl and boy!
Me: Well, you guys have been demoted. (EK totally knows their names.)

What funny things has your toddler said recently?

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