A Letter to My Third Child – Mom Babble

Hi folks! In honor of my being 39 weeks today, Mom Babble has graciously decided my letter to baby D was worth publishing today! It’s my Mom Babble debut, and I absolutely LOVE their site… everything is honest, loving, and wonderful. It’s truly an amazing group of people, and you should absolutely subscribe if you haven’t already! Anyway, here’s a little snippet from my letter… check the rest out on Mom Babble, share it on Facebook or Twitter, and send it to a friend!

My sweet little Davis,

I’m getting really excited for you to get here. There are just nine weeks left until you’re due to arrive and I already wish I could see you next week. Mostly, I’m excited to meet you, see what you look like, and introduce you to your crazy siblings. I’m also getting uncomfortable, peeing all the time and sleeping less than ever. Mostly, I want to meet you.

I know you’ve been in my womb, hearing the squeals and shouts and cries and songs of your family. We may be a loud bunch, but we’re a good one. We love big and we show it often…

Read the rest on Mom Babble!

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