Hey there, Monday… you really flew by! I know I’m late on my Currently link-up, but the day just got away from me. I’m joining Becky at Choose Happy, like always, and I’m glad to let you know what I’m up to currently!

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Excited || for preschool to start for my two oldest babes! I know it seems early, as there are a couple of weeks of August left, but I know EK is excited for school, and I have some trepidation with J, but I know he will be fine after the first few days. He’s a trooper, and I’m sure he will have fun!

Loving || having my wardrobe back! There are of course a few things I can’t quite wear yet, but I’m ecstatic to have more than two colors of each article of clothing! I’ve got some summer dresses I’m dying to wear before Labor Day!

Wearing || My baby. Everywhere. Often. D loves being snuggled close to me, and I love our Boba and our Ergo! I have a woven wrap (Easy Care Rainbow – gorgeous!) that I want to try to get good at when D has some more head control. I got fairly good at it with EK (a different woven, but still) but for some reason I never got great at wrapping J. Hopefully D will love being up in it! (And also J gets a little jealous so I’m wearing him, too!)

 Visiting || our pediatrician… a lot. D has been like J was, and is gaining weight a little slowly. We’ve been supplementing with some formula and he’s doing much better now than in his first week. I’m actually in the waiting room for his check up as I type this. Good thing we really love our peds office! (Update, 6 oz past birth weight! Yay!)

Thankful for || my mom, who has done our laundry, washed our dishes, snuggled our babies, and taken care of us in every possible way over the last two and a half weeks. She’s a great lady, y’all, and it’s been incredible to have her here helping out. I’m sad to send her home soon!

 Well, that’s what I’m up to! Please join us in the link-up, or leave comments and tell us what you’re up to currently!

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