Things Toddlers Say

Happy Tuesday! We had a fun weekend and a busy day yesterday. We used our extra weekend day to catch up on housework. It didn’t sound like fun, but it sure was nice when it was all done! Here are a few funnies from the past week!!

EK holds her stick like a wand. J holds it like he’s about to smack her wand out of her hand.

EK, showing me her necklaces: These is my jewelries, for when I get married with Jesus.

As we’re getting ready to leave the house…
EK: Are we going to our church home?
(I think this is particularly cute, because sometimes, yes, I feel like I live there.)

What I hear from the back of the car…
EK, singing: And You cover me with grace… (Lyrics from “I Am Set Free” – a song we had done at church the previous Sunday.)

Having dinner one night…
EK: I don’t like this meat.
Hubby: It’s pork… Like a pig. It’s yummy!
EK, showing me a bite of pork: Mommy! This is piggy! Piggies love this.
Me: ….cannibals.

My friend Mary Katherine came over with a little balloon pump and some balloons to make animals out of (because she’s crafty like that). J thought the pump looked like the syringe for giving shots in our little doctor’s kit.
J, holding the pump: Head!
(Gives me a “shot” in the head with the pump.)
J: Hand!
(“Shot” in the hand.)
J: Arn!
(“Shot” in the arm.)
J: Weg!
(“Shot” in the leg.)
J: Eye!
Me: Ahh! No!!
J: (laughing) Eye! Yes! Eye! (Chases me.)
Me, having nightmares about this tonight.

Driving lessons…
EK: I like your car, Daddy.
Hubby: Thanks, babe!
EK: Maybe one day I can drive it.
Hubby: Yeah, maybe one day.
EK: How about when I’m…. 16!
Hubby: Yeah! Definitely then!
Me: Lucky guess.

We pull into the parking lot at La Carreta…
J: Salsaaaaaaa!
Me, exchanging looks with Hubby: We come here too often.

J, pointing to his foot: Sock!
Me: No, you aren’t wearing socks.
J: Sock!
Me: You want to put on socks?
J: No!
Me: That’s your foot.
J: No! Sock!
Accepting my fate in a losing battle.

At bedtime, singing and talking about Jesus…
EK: Yeah, I love Jesus. Mom, will you buy me a Jesus toy?
Me: Um, sure honey. Would you like the baby Jesus or grown-up Jesus?
EK: Baby Jesus. And a bottle for him. And a blanket.
Me: I’ll see what I can do.

I felt like it was a pretty funny week! What are your kids talking about?

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