Hello everybody! I hope y’all had a great long weekend! We didn’t do much – and that was totally fine with us. Mostly relaxing and catching up on life a little bit. I’m such a nut, though… I checked my (snail) mail three times on Monday wondering why it hadn’t come. It obviously didn’t feel like a holiday to me, ha!

I’m linking up as usual with Becky from Choose Happy for her weekly Currently link up. Please join us and let us know what’s up with you and yours!

Running || around my neighborhood, two miles at a time. It’s been tough, but really good for me. I’ll be posting about that journey this week.   

Our neighbors have horses, and every once in a while, we can see them from the sidewalk!
  Eating || a delightfully slow and quiet breakfast with Hubby this morning, after we dropped the big kids at preschool. D took a morning nap and we ate at Mary’s Gourmet Diner downtown. I’ve always loved that place, and I was glad we had a morning treat there today!

Cleaning || our laundry room and mudroom. This morning when we got home from breakfast, I continued the laundry blitz I had started yesterday, and vacuumed, organized, and put down our new indoor-doormats from Homegoods. I love that place!

Making || cookies! They’re just break-and-bake, but that way I can let EK and J do everything and they love that.  


There’s a little update on our lives! What have you been up to currently??

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