I Choose to Run

Feet pounding the pavement. The rhythmic sound of my breathing. The fresh air, and the birds chirping. The stroller I push is heavy with my two big babies inside. But I wouldn’t trade this hour of my day for anything. The clear air clears my mind, lets me have a quiet moment, even if it isn’t exactly relaxing.

I can’t always plan this hour into my day. Now that I have three children, one of them needs to be occupied elsewhere. (Read: Hubby needs to be home.) But when I can get this time in, my body, mind and soul all feel better and freer. The rush of endorphins I feel is enough to make me want to do it again, even without the other benefits.

Getting back into running after this last pregnancy and delivery honestly wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be, especially since I dropped off the exercise train way before I delivered. I was doing only yoga at the end – which is basically zero cardio when it’s prenatal yoga. My muscles were itching to get back to moving long before I actually could; I’m pretty strict with myself about waiting to start everything back until I’m 5 or 6 weeks out. My first run was a tough one, but I managed to get (running and a little walking) a mile and a half without too much struggle. The subsequent few runs worked me up to a little over two miles so far (I’m almost 7 weeks out). And (TMI – beware) I’ve been pleasantly surprised that my bladder seems to be holding itself pretty darn well… even better than a few months after I delivered J. I guess that just shows you how different your body can be from baby to baby.

My fitness goal this time around has changed a little. I’m blessed to be able to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight pretty quickly and easily, and back in all my clothes pretty soon. So instead of using those as targets, I want to make a diet change (I let myself eat like a jerk – mostly increased portions and extra desserts – when I’m pregnant/nursing) and build muscle. So, here in the blog world, I’m claiming it: I want to be toned! That’s the goal. Running for cardio and legs (also mental and emotional well-being!), and I’m going to keep up with a little yoga since it’s good for my joints and my core, and I’m going to ramp up the arms. No teacher arms for me!

What have your fitness goals been recently? Have you instituted a diet change along with them? What works for you and your busy schedule?

11 thoughts on “I Choose to Run”

  1. Good for you!! I love my workout time! I have actually entered a challenge through my workout app so I am trying to do at least 18 miles a week (mostly walking and jogging.) It is very challenging and sometimes I have to go out twice especially during the hot and humid weather we had last week but it is so worth it 🙂

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      1. True! I should turn it on all day. I use the map my walk app. I bought one of those handy arm strap things and I put my phone in there to track my walks. They have different challenges all of the time and this is the distance challenge. I’m the only one in it because you are supposed to invite your friends but I don’t know anyone who uses the app. Pretty sure I am going to win lol

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      2. I think it’s the same except I use map my walk? I can change it for different workouts. When I go hiking I change the workout to hiking and it counts the calories I burn differently. I can change it to run too. I love it!

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      3. It is really nice! Not sure how map my run works but on my app I can log workouts that I have done if I don’t have the app running. I can log gym workouts too. When you log a workout it’s kind of just a guess on the calories I think they go by previous walks and the time it takes you to do them. I love being able to look back and see how many miles I have went, calories I burned and workouts I have done. I get an email every week with a workout summary and then another email at the end of the month.

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  2. oooh I need to start doing this! I have been failing in the exercise and eating right department. It makes me feel awful but just hard to get back on the wagon! You are giving me inspiration 🙂

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