Things Toddlers Say – the Extended Version

Happy Tuesday, y’all! I don’t know if you can tell by the picture below, but we’ve had a… crazy week. These guys are getting more hilarious by the day, and I’m so excited each week to share this insight into my life with you. Thanks for reading and sharing!

EK: What is this place?
Aunt Holly: It’s my house!
EK: I don’t like it at other people’s houses. But I like it at this house.
Holly: Well, that’s a big compliment.

Me, with the bedtime routine: What was your favorite part today?
J: I saw mine Sesley!
Me: Aww, seeing Wesley? (His uncle)
J: And I saw mine Holly!
Me: And seeing Holly? (Aunt)
J: And I saw my best frenn! (aka his cousin Finley)
Heart. Melted. Cousin love.

Me: Want some Mac and cheese?
EK: Sure!
J: Sure, too!
I had already asked J and he had said, “No. I didn’t like that anymurr.”

My nephew Henry was born last week, and he is SO cute!
Me: I think we are going to meet Henry today!
EK: Aw yay! Do we get to meet Mimi, too?!
Me: No, not yet. (She is due in March, but all babies arrive at the same time, obviously.)

Outside on the swing set…
J: I schwinging, Mommy! I schwinging like El Kate!

After a hectic evening of loud play with family, EK’s grandma felt like she hadn’t seen very much of her throughout the evening.
Grandma: Can you say one nice or kind thing to me before you go?
EK: (after thinking) I love God.
Grandma: Well, I suppose that’s a very nice thing to say!

J, on the phone with Annie: Look at the trucks! I got an owl swaddle! I got a Batman blanket! I wanna hold Annie’s phone (meaning: hold the phone while he talks to Annie)! Did you talk to El Kate? I needa see El Kate now!
This was all while showing the phone around the room, as if it was on FaceTime (it wasn’t), and chattering away without letting Annie even speak.
 Referring to the picture above, J: I wanna put it on the Christmas tree now!
Me: That’s not an ornament, buddy. Not everything that has a string goes on the tree.
Yes, the tree is still up. Don’t hate.

At dinner, we were talking about who liked which princesses…
Andrea: Do you like Anna?
EK: No.
Andrea: Well, who is your favorite princess?
EK: Me!
Me: Touché.

J, getting tickled: No more tickles, Andree! You trouble!

EK, having (an extremely healthy) breakfast at Krispy Kreme: There’s donuts everywhere! They’re taking a ride! (on the conveyor belt)

EK (“Reading” the sign at Krispy Kreme): That sign says “donut store”.

J was splashing a lot in the tub…
EK, petting his face: Easy… easy boy!
Hubby: He’s not a horse.

Mom brag: I heard J counting his steps as he came up the stairs the other day. He didn’t miss one.

We have a book called “The Busy Little Train”. Each page adds another animal on to the train, and it says what number of them there are on the train. It’s a rhyming book, too, so EK can always predict what thing it says next. They love this stupid book. Anyway, tonight (Monday) we read it, and EVERY SINGLE TIME I paused for them to say the number, J happily said, “TWOOOOOOO!” Every. Single. Time.

Well, there are my highlights! What have your kids been up to?

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