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Things Toddlers Say – the Extended Version

Happy Tuesday, y’all! I don’t know if you can tell by the picture below, but we’ve had a… crazy week. These guys are getting more hilarious by the day, and I’m so excited each week to share this insight into my life with you. Thanks for reading and sharing!

EK: What is this place?
Aunt Holly: It’s my house!
EK: I don’t like it at other people’s houses. But I like it at this house.
Holly: Well, that’s a big compliment.

Me, with the bedtime routine: What was your favorite part today?
J: I saw mine Sesley!
Me: Aww, seeing Wesley? (His uncle)
J: And I saw mine Holly!
Me: And seeing Holly? (Aunt)
J: And I saw my best frenn! (aka his cousin Finley)
Heart. Melted. Cousin love.

Me: Want some Mac and cheese?
EK: Sure!
J: Sure, too!
I had already asked J and he had said, “No. I didn’t like that anymurr.”

My nephew Henry was born last week, and he is SO cute!
Me: I think we are going to meet Henry today!
EK: Aw yay! Do we get to meet Mimi, too?!
Me: No, not yet. (She is due in March, but all babies arrive at the same time, obviously.)

Outside on the swing set…
J: I schwinging, Mommy! I schwinging like El Kate!

After a hectic evening of loud play with family, EK’s grandma felt like she hadn’t seen very much of her throughout the evening.
Grandma: Can you say one nice or kind thing to me before you go?
EK: (after thinking) I love God.
Grandma: Well, I suppose that’s a very nice thing to say!

J, on the phone with Annie: Look at the trucks! I got an owl swaddle! I got a Batman blanket! I wanna hold Annie’s phone (meaning: hold the phone while he talks to Annie)! Did you talk to El Kate? I needa see El Kate now!
This was all while showing the phone around the room, as if it was on FaceTime (it wasn’t), and chattering away without letting Annie even speak.
 Referring to the picture above, J: I wanna put it on the Christmas tree now!
Me: That’s not an ornament, buddy. Not everything that has a string goes on the tree.
Yes, the tree is still up. Don’t hate.

At dinner, we were talking about who liked which princesses…
Andrea: Do you like Anna?
EK: No.
Andrea: Well, who is your favorite princess?
EK: Me!
Me: Touché.

J, getting tickled: No more tickles, Andree! You trouble!

EK, having (an extremely healthy) breakfast at Krispy Kreme: There’s donuts everywhere! They’re taking a ride! (on the conveyor belt)

EK (“Reading” the sign at Krispy Kreme): That sign says “donut store”.

J was splashing a lot in the tub…
EK, petting his face: Easy… easy boy!
Hubby: He’s not a horse.

Mom brag: I heard J counting his steps as he came up the stairs the other day. He didn’t miss one.

We have a book called “The Busy Little Train”. Each page adds another animal on to the train, and it says what number of them there are on the train. It’s a rhyming book, too, so EK can always predict what thing it says next. They love this stupid book. Anyway, tonight (Monday) we read it, and EVERY SINGLE TIME I paused for them to say the number, J happily said, “TWOOOOOOO!” Every. Single. Time.

Well, there are my highlights! What have your kids been up to?


I’m linking up this week with Becky at Choose Happy for her Currently link-up! If you’ve never joined us, you should! I love reading what everyone is currently up to. What’s going on with you?

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Reading || I actually finished The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton! I’ve been working on it for an embarrassingly long time… but I’m done! I loved it, I just didn’t have much time to be reading. Anyway, I’ve just started the first book in the Maze Runner series. So far, it seems like the Hunger Games or the Divergent series in that it’s a dystopian society and there are a lot of weird things going on. It was on my “recommended books” list from Amazon based on what I’d read, and was rated pretty well. I’ll let you know how it is!

age of innocence


Watching || The Harry Potter movies! We finally got them out of storage and are watching them! We’ve watched the first two, and my withdrawal is finally satiated. Hopefully we’ll get through the eight movies before the baby gets here, but who knows!


Loving || the new tile in our bathroom! Everything is supposed to be finished and put back together by the end of the week, so naturally I’m really excited to use my own bathroom again. It’s been interesting either going to the hallway bathroom or all the way downstairs (to the newer, nicer one of course!) to do everything, and I’ll be glad to be back in my regular routine… upstairs.

Preparing || our freezer and our nursery! I’ve got everything to make two recipes worth of muffins, and enough frozen fruit to feed 1000 people breakfast smoothies! I wanted to at least have some breakfasts taken care of so that the morning routine with the kids wouldn’t go awry if I could help it. Having a healthy breakfast is a priority for me, and starting the day smoothly helps the rest of the day stay along the same lines. When my kids are throwing their breakfasts in the floor or refusing to eat them (because that obviously happens sometimes – FOR NO REASON AT ALL) it can throw my mood off. I planned for smoothies they love and muffins they devour that are also healthy! I’m excited about it. The nursery is now clear of bathroom stuff (even if our closet isn’t) and has been rearranged. The floor is super clean, the drawers are full of clean clothes, and I even have some diapers! I call that progress! Now if I could pack a hospital bag, I’d really be in business.

I mean, it’s coming along, right?
Messy but it’s happening!

Coveting || this Lily-Jade diaper bag. I saw it on Instagram a while back, and have been looking at it again and again ever since. It’s beautiful, flexible, and well-made, but totally out of my price range. The SALE PRICE is $295 and I just can’t justify it. But it sure is one beautiful bag!


Celebrating || the Fourth of July! We had a day of eating red, white and blue donuts, and spending time with friends! Not many photos, but it was a good day! We even let the kids stay up for the local fireworks, watched from the elementary school in our neighborhood- the perfect spot!  IMG_1716

This girl loves donuts!
This is J’s only patriotic swag. (Sorry Hubby, for posting this photo bomb, but I was only trying to get the photo of J!)
If you’ve got a couple of toddlers, you know how tough it is to get a family photo!
The only photo from the fireworks… J sleepily snuggling my friend Lauren and loving his glow sticks! They are a must for fireworks, am I right?

Well, we’ve had a busy week, and things just keep getting busier as we prepare for our little guy! What has been going on with you? What are you preparing for? Link up and join us!


Excited to be linking up with Becky at Choose Happy for the Currently series again this week! Link us with us, and tell us what’s Currently going on with you!

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Thankful for || A few quiet days around the house. Towards the end of last week, things finally got quiet around here. Naps were at home, and therefore longer than they’d been somewhere else.  I took naps, too! Cleaning got done – it was getting pretty bad, but we hadn’t been home long enough to deal with it – and some paperwork is all caught up. Thank goodness for getting over the hammering part of the renovation!

Organizing || Everything in my head. A lot of our stuff is packed in a storage unit out in the back yard, so we can’t even get to it easily. But I’m already deciding how the basement and the kids’ new rooms are going to be arranged and organized. It’s also going to be nicer upstairs, because we will have places for things we haven’t had places for in a while. Specifically, the laundry room and mudroom are going to change our lives, big time.

Watching || The Gruffalo. It was originally a book, but we have discovered the short cartoon on Netflix (which is surprisingly packed with famous voices). It’s J’s favorite thing to watch right now, so we’re watching it a lot. He only has an attention span of about 25 minutes, so he can zone out to this adorable story, and I don’t feel too bad, because he’s not sitting there all day watching episode after episode of Chuggington (or, God forbid, Caillou. Gross.)


Eating || Krispy Kreme donuts. On Valentine’s Day, I wanted some (because they’re the prettiest donuts of the entire year, of course!) so we stopped by and got two dozen. We have shared some, but the leftovers came home with us, and we’re still eating on them. I’m trying to limit myself, but what can I say – the baby loves them..?


Loving || That we might get SNOW this week! The weatherman is calling for it – and we are ready! I’m going through the kids’ closets today to get out our best snow play clothes (they don’t really have ski boots/pants/suits and I don’t feel like buying them for one snow a year) so that we can at least do a little sledding! We’ve got our construction Dumpster at the bottom of our hill, but we will just have to sled around it! I hope we get the 4-6 inches they’re saying to prepare for!

Well, that’s about it in my world… what are you currently up to?

Life Update on Valentine’s Day!

In honor of proving that I didn’t boycott Valentine’s Day, here are a few (a lot of) photos from the last few days!

EK’s outfit for her preschool Valentine’s party. Heart. Explosion.
Getting together with friends to make gluten and dairy free cupcakes for our valentines!
We thought they were pretty adorable.
We thought they were pretty adorable.
Had to get all cheesy on ya.
Mini cupcakes for the mini-valentines in my life.
Obviously I got the color memo.
Hubby took me to a local production of Pride and Prejudice last night. It was awesome, and it had been so long since I’d seen anything on stage. VERY fun!
This valentine didn’t feel like getting out of his pajamas. And he also felt like eating socks.
Outfit #3 for the win, 80s Gator and all.
J’s actual Valentine’s outfit, as he looks at his cousin on the monitor and begs him to get up and play!

When we got home from playing and visiting, we took a little tour of the basement, and showed the kids their new rooms (we’ve finally decided where everyone will be). So excited to see drywall all finished, and doors and windows installed!

This looks like a construction fail (door leading nowhere?) but it’s actually where they ripped the old stairs out, and haven’t put the new ones in yet. Sorry for the blur – I couldn’t get back against the wall far enough to get the whole thing really.
Hubby posing next to the new window, basically in the laundry room. How adorable.

Tonight we’ve got a birthday dinner for Hubby’s best friend, so we’re hosting a few families for taco night. Should be a blast! What are you doing? How are you celebrating?