Currently Is Back!

Hey y’all! Hubby and I had an amazing, semi-unplugged, responsibility-free five days in the great state of Texas! Here’s to a Currently full of trip snippets, to be followed up by a Dallas and an Austin play-by-play – that will really look like a “What I Ate” post, since most of what we did was EAT ALL THE THINGS.

Since tomorrow is JUNE (WHAT?!) I’m  linking up with Jenna at Gold and Bloom, and Anne In Residence. Join us!

Planning || a fun first couple of weeks of summer! We will spend some time outdoors (pool, anyone?!), eating good, local food and listening to music, also outside! AND we are attending a fantastic fundraising event for a family we love here in town. They’re holding an arts festival on their farm to benefit NOMAD Infant Rescue & Care. PLEASE check it out here and see how awesome it is. The event itself is going to be awesome; local food trucks, arts and craft vendors, live music, what else could you want on an already beautiful farm that’s filled with fun people?!

Enjoying || the last couple of days of preschool. I know we will have a fun summer, and we will find fun things to do while the kids are out, but I’m enjoying total silence right now, and I’m not sorry about it. Keeping them busy (read: exhausting them) will be my #1 daily goal. If you’re local, call me for play dates!

Buying || a couple of treats that the kids enjoyed while we were gone! Hubby and I had the idea to get on Amazon Prime for a couple of small things for the kids that would arrive after we left. We chose a couple of books, and a four-pack of superhero capes and masks! When I landed on that $20 dress-up kit I knew we’d nailed it, especially because Batman and Superman were included, and they are J and EK’s favorite, respectively.

Craving || Breakfast tacos. I fell in love with them in Austin, and now it’s the only thing I want for breakfast. Luckily, you can make them fairly healthy (leave out the greasy meat, or add some avocado) if you want, and still delicious!

Pinning || Not much these days. I never really got a good hold on how Pinterest is supposed to work, but I have been searching for some summer recipes I can make with the kids. I’m not much for “cute” food (you know, food made to look like animals and junk) but I do like delicious and healthy food! Right now, I’m still big on muffins that are gluten free and have a veggie in them (think zucchini bread on steroids).

Well, that’s about it for what I’m up to. More Texas trip details will come, so be on the lookout! What are your summer plans so far?

2 thoughts on “Currently Is Back!”

  1. Ooh yes we loved the breakfast taco options when we visited Austin! Sooo much good food there in general. Sounds like a great kickoff to summer for you – enjoy! And thanks for linking up 🙂

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