Happy Monday! It might be late afternoon, but here’s a Currently update to let you know what’s going on in my world. I’m linking up with Becky at Choose Happy, so drop by her site and see what she’s up to, also! Now, here are a few things I’ve been up to…

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Cooking || spaghetti! It’s been a long time since I just made a big ol’ pot of my mom’s spaghetti sauce, and I was just craving it. We haven’t gotten any tomatoes from our garden just yet, but I used our basil and oregano fresh, and had a few fresh tomatoes in the house that needed to be used. The house smells so good right now that I know it’s only 4pm, but I want dinner!

Drinking || salty dogs, with fresh basil! Salty dogs are vodka or gin (I drink them with gin) and grapefruit juice. Hubby got a wild hair and asked for basil in his yesterday, so I muddled it in the juice, and WOW it was good. Definitely my new summer cocktail.

Enjoying || our pool membership! For our first summer with a membership, are pretty excited about it. The hours are limited right now since school is still in session, but we’ve still been twice already in the last week. Once it’s open weekday mornings, I have a feeling it’ll be a three or four day a week enjoyment!

Smelling || magnolia blossoms. The tree in our yard has a lot of blossoms on it, and they’re beautiful. When we took an after dinner stroll last night, I picked one for EK, and it was incredibly fragrant! I’d forgotten how potent they are, and how much I associate that smell with summer.

 Well, there’s a little about me. What are you up to currently?!

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