Things Toddlers Say

Good morning, and happy Tuesday!

I’m realizing that what I write for y’all on these posts is more and more conversational each week. It’s crazy to think that I have two, mostly-communicative children, and another who babbles away to us in his own language. It’s so fun for me to look back through old posts (like this hilarious one) about what EK said a year ago. But here are this week’s funnies for you to enjoy!

J: I wanna be Spider-Man!
Me: That’s new. (Batman has historically been his favorite.)
EK: I wish there was a girl.
Me: Spider-Man had a girlfriend named Mary Jane…?
EK: Yeah. She has red hair. I could be her! I just need to have red hair and gloves!
Me: Um, okay. I think we can make some gloves happen.
About 15 minutes later, the kids were wearing their superhero garb I got them last week, J in the Spider-Man and EK in the Captain America.
EK: Look, Mom! J is Spider-Man and I am Mary Jane! To J: I’m your husband!
Me: *dying*

EK starts singing the blessing, and J joins in.
EK: No, I want to do it myself!
J: *sigh* Okay, fine. You can do it by myself. *sigh*

EK, pointing at a slice of mozzarella: Is that Cinderella cheese?

J hurt his toe playing outside, and Hubby tried to distract him.
Hubby: Say blood!
J: I don’t want to!
Hubby: Say hemoglobin!
J, crying: I don’t want to say hemobucket!

J: I put the bagel in time out, Mom.

We hear a crash from downstairs and a cry from J…
Hubby: What happened, buddy?
J: I fell off the watermelon!
The ottoman. He meant the ottoman.

J: Mommy!
Me: Yes?
J: Mommy, my toe hurts!
Me: Oh no! Why does it hurt?
J: Tocause.
Me: Because why?
J: Tocause I miss you.

I hand J a magnolia blossom.
J: Can I smell it?
Me: Sure! What does it smell like?
J: Chocolate!

Going to Coldstone…
EK: I want rainbow ice cream! In a cone!
J: I want dinosaur ice cream! With dinosaurs in it!

J, on his trike: Here I’s come! I’m coming to you!

What are your toddlers talking about?!

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