I miss you, Graddy.

This time three years ago, I was pregnant with my first son (second child). I was getting ready for the holidays, and enjoying a visit from my mom’s parents.

During the course of their long weekend here in town, my grandfather became sick. He ended up in Urgent Care, and then on to the ED. After determining that he had pneumonia, he didn’t come home from the hospital. 

I was confused, I was shocked, and I am still totally wrecked that he didn’t get to meet J, and now D as well. He was a supporter, a lover, a hugger and a friend. He was a hard worker, with a servant’s heart. I am proud to call him my kin.

So now every year on Veterans’ day, I celebrate the veterans who have long served as protected our country, but I also say an extra little prayer in the hopes my Graddy will know I’m thinking of him. Especially since the grandson he didn’t quite meet has his eyes.

I’m thinking of him tonight, as I go through my evening routine, snuggling babies, helping with dinner, and settling in for the night. I’m a little somber, but full of sweet memories. Miss you and love you, Graddy. 

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