I almost missed it!

At 11:30 tonight, I realized today was about to be my first day in November, a la NaBloPoMo, that I wouldn’t have published a piece. So here I am, blurting out my feelings late at night. 

Let’s start with good things.

I’ve spent today getting ready to host my sweet friend’s baby shower tomorrow. So much fun preparing food, finding my nice dishes, and even cleaning (!!!!!) my home to have over a bunch of fun women to celebrate a new life joining our circles. Is there anything better than that?!

We are finally over the sickness in our household! No one is running a fever or feeling shitty. No one is spreading germs wherever they do or don’t go. We are ready to join the land of the living once and for all! Take that, holiday season! We are IN YOU!

I have been feeling much better after two days of literal, physical sickness after the election. I’m not just an entitled youth who is butt hurt over the outcome. I am stricken with grief over the hatred, intolerance, rudeness, and ignorance pouring out over social media. I’m the first the internalize my feelings and opinions, especially about politics. But I can stay silent no longer. If you are trolling Facebook statuses or articles, or worse, vandalizing property, or harassing (physically, emotionally, etc) those whom our laws and statutes still protect (aka everyone), you are in the wrong. We are called by Christ to be LOVE, to share the GOSPEL, and treat every human being with respect. Jesus didn’t call names to others who thought differently than he. Jesus didn’t hang nasty signs on doors. And Jesus didn’t spray paint rude sayings on walls and buildings. Jesus loved. Jesus performed miracles. Jesus led those who didn’t believe into his presence and helped their unbelief. I pray that he would do the same for me and all those in this world. 
Off my soap box now. 

Happy Veterans’ Day, by the way! All men and women who have served, supported those who served, or lost one who served should be celebrated on this day. It took knowing some veterans and their families firsthand to really know what it looked like. And y’all, it ain’t easy on anyone. We need to love them, support them, and help them fight for their rights and comforts upon their return home back into our communities. They have sacrificed much, even when “we aren’t at war”. These folks have given more than we can imagine. Show them a little (a lot!) love. 

All of that being said, I’m looking forward to a weekend of very little social media, lots of time loving on my people, and gorgeous weather here in NC. What are your plans?

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