Things Toddlers Say

Happy Tuesday! A lot has happened since last Tuesday, and a lot of feelings have been shared. But instead of rehashing everything, I’m just spreading the humor and the love. Here’s what my kids have been talking about!

 Listening to Toto’s Africa in the car, and I hear this from the backseat…

J: Mom! I’m playing my air guitar!
And indeed he was.

I see this:
J: Mom! Do you like my dress?!

Eating Mexican take out…
EK: And I need some soy sauce.
J: And some ketchup.
Me: Uh, do y’all mean salsa?

EK: Look Mom, I got a horse field!
Me: What?
EK, holding her hands up, palms out: A horse field, like Violet got! (From the Incredibles)
Me: Oh! A force field, with an F!
EK: NO! A horse field!

J: Know where my scratch came from? A dinosaur’s teeth! (Launches into 5 minute story about how it happened and how he killed the dinosaur.) And that’s why you have to make them dead.
Me: *jaw drop*

This song is playing in the car…
J: This is from angry birds!
EK: Why is he saying “never gonna give you up”?

A few nights ago, we went to our friends’ house, and the dad started telling “ghost stories” and one of them had werewolves involved. The rest of the evening and the next day, the bigs couldn’t stop talking about “weird wolfs” and beginning everything they said with “Once upon of time…”

Last week, Hubby had a terrible bout with hand, foot, mouth, and now that he’s healing, his hands are peeling. EK saw the pink skin coming through, and he explained to her that the old skin was coming off and there was new skin underneath. EK said, “Oh! It’s because God is still making you!” Adorable.

An excuse I’ve obviously used too often is J’s new reason to not do anything: I don’t have any more hands.

Do you kids repeat what you have said but using it incorrectly? That’s a frequent occurrence in our house! What else are your kids saying these days?

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