My Love Affair with Breakfast Food

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: breakfast is my favorite. 

I grew up in a household that made sure breakfast was important, healthy, and delicious. There was usually a carb involved, probably some eggs, maybe a cured meat or a sweet item. But there was always plenty of it, because my brother and I came hungry. 

You see, it was love at first sight with me and breakfast food. And it has been ever since. If I’m at lunch at a restaurant that also has a brunch menu, I don’t think twice about which menu to choose. If a restaurant serves breakfast all day, it’s a no-brainer. When I visited Texas and became aware of breakfast tacos, my life was changed forever. 
In related news, brunch is pretty trendy nowadays. We’re all “Let’s get brunch!” and “Brunch is for lovers!” and “Mimosas!” I agree with those things. But do you know what you’re typically doing at brunch? Having breakfast later in the day. Breakfast is the heart of brunch. 
I’ve done my best to instill the love of all things breakfast into my children as well. They love bagels or biscuits. They love French toast. They love scrambled eggs and fruit. They REALLY love pancakes and waffles, especially when I flavor them with strawberries or pumpkin. They don’t even need the sweet things in their breakfast. They will, of course, gorge themselves on cinnamon rolls. They will also eat a mountain of grits. 
In short, breakfast is the king of meals. It doesn’t matter when you eat it, or what it looks like. All things breakfast are greater than all other things. Pair the breakfast item with coffee during the week, or a mimosa on Saturday, and you’ve got a perfect way to start your day. I’m pretty sure there’s even some science to back it up. 
Breakfast, I love you. 

This post is a part of my NaBloPoMo, where I publish a piece every day in November. 

12 thoughts on “My Love Affair with Breakfast Food”

  1. I love breakfast for dinner, or lunch . . . I would love breakfast for breakfast, the most important meal of the day, but I skip it. I don’t want to, I just can’t seem to eat in the mornings. I wish there was a way to kickstart my mornings with more than a cup of ☕️

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      1. Thank you, honestly, I hadn’t even thought of a breakfast smoothie! I much prefer drinking to chewing! Especially right now, diabetes complications have left me without bottom teeth for a spell. Diabetes is one of the biggest reasons I need to start my day right. I love smoothies, but I’m lazy. I have some things to work on 😜Maybe if I find a nutritious coffee smoothie?!

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  2. Oh my goodness, you’ve got me craving breakfast. We had plans to go out for breakfast the other weekend but silly doctors deciding that I had to have the baby THAT DAY NO TIME TO HAVE BRUNCH and I had forgotten all about it until now. Well, I’ll be telling my doctor he owes me waffles. Or maybe I’ll just have to venture out for brunch as a family of 4 not 3! I’m not much of a breakfast person but we have a local chain that makes the best waffles, topped with their in-house made jam.

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