Things Toddlers Say 

Happy Tuesday, everyone! It’s a windy, strange weather type of day here, so a little humor might make us all feel better! Here is a sampling of what my kids have been saying this week…

EK: I want to be a river for Halloween! (Very serious.)

EK: This tooth is about to come out!
Me: Really? Yep, it’s wiggly!
EK: I think it was that pork belly I was eating for lunch. (We had pork belly tacos.)

EK: What car will I drive when I’m an adult?
Me: I don’t know; we’ll have to see.
EK: Maybe I’ll just ride on the green bus.
(Our city buses here are green.)

Me: Did you miss me while I was gone?
J: Kind of.

Me, leaving for a run: Okay, I’m going now. The quicker I go, the quicker I get back!
J, shouting out the door: The quicker you go, be safe on your run!

Me, taking a sip of my wine: As whites go, this one’s not too bad.
J, taking a sip of his water: This water’s not too cold with the ice.

J: I gotta go to the dentist because my teef hurt.
Me: Let me see, bud.
J: *opens mouth where I can only see the front of his bottom teeth*

EK: Tomorrow is Sunday!
Our friend Samuel: What do you do on Sunday?
EK: Put on a dress! And go potty!
Me: *dying*

Talking about the Curious George Halloween special that the bigs are obsessed with…
J, running around in circles: Oh no! No-Noggin is so scary! I don’t know which way to hide from him!!

Speaking of this, J has become quite the story teller. He weaves tales about tooth fairies (with very little understanding about how that works), keys breaking off in doors, and chocolate-eating.

Me, about a dress-up dress: This dress has been through the wringer.
EK: No, my ring is downstairs.

J, hanging out of his classroom, seeing me walk down the hall to pick him up: Mom! It’s me! Your sweet son!

J: What if it was a dinosaur? Or a dinosaurus?!

EK: Mom, when you went to colletch (not college lol) did you have to get on a plane?
Me: No, I just drove in my car.

EK: Can we get on a plane and go back to DisneyWorld?
Me: We will go back sometime.
J: Yeah, we will just have to drove there.

EK: Next time we play hide and seek, in gonna hide in the fridgelator!

J: We just went over some speed bumps!
EK: Wait! How did you remember those were speed bumps?!

EK: We’re home! I see Daddy’s car and the cannolia tree!
Me: I wish cannolis grew on trees.

Hope you enjoyed our humor for the week! What do your kids say that’s a little off?

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