Things Toddlers Say 

Happy Tuesday, one and all! Spring has sprung here in our house, and we’re obsessed with all that comes with it! Enjoy our funny little sayings!

J, holding his ukulele and wearing his backpack: I’m going to my gig, mom!

J: *tells same story about a robot on our porch he’s been telling for months*
EK: Why do you keep telling that same story, J?
J: I just love stories about robots!

At EK’s preschool music performance…
J: Can I go up there?!
Me: It’ll be your turn next year.
J: I guess I want to go home then.

Talking about Moana…
EK: Okay. Now let’s talk about the waves. (Cue ten excruciating minutes laboring over why the waves moved of their own accord.)

EK: What are you making mama?
Me: Brownies!
EK: You’re just like Lala! (My bestie who always makes sweet treats)

EK: Can I watch you make your coffee in that golden jar, Dad?
This is the golden jar:(It’s a French press.)

Passing the baseball stadium…
EK: You said the baseball opens in April. Is it April?
Me: No, it’s still March.
EK: Okay. I’ll ask you every day, “Is it April yet?” and you’ll tell me when it is. Okay?
Me: …okay…

Holiday mix-up…
EK: You know what’s my favorite month to set up for Easter? March 27!
Me: Wait. What?

EK and I are singing Moana for the hundredth time…
J: You guys! You’re making me annoying myself!

Hope you enjoyed our funnies! What silly things are your kids saying these days?

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