Things Toddlers Say 

HEY! It’s Wednesday, but I’m allowed to be a day late for TTS on vacation, right? It’s our spring break and we’re doing mountainy things! So here is a little humor for your week, and sorry it’s a bit late. Enjoy!

D was trying to climb a rope ladder at the playground…
J: You can do it, D! I know you can!

Hubby and I hear J talking (he was “reading aloud”) downstairs after bedtime…
Hubby: Hey, why is your light on? You’re supposed to be sleeping.
J: Go away, Dad. I just wanna do what I wanna do.

At bath time, EK pitched a fit about getting in the tub. When she finally got in, she said to J: Please don’t splash me. I’m just so sad.

EK wanted me to sing some Taj Mahal at bedtime the other night, and I told her I didn’t know the words. So she sang it.


Wise words…
J: After a day and another day, things get old.

Talking about her loose teeth…
EK: I sleep on my eyes so I don’t swallow them.

EK, randomly: Oh, mom. The scissors are in my room because there was a lollipop and I needed them to open it.

EK: Can I have another hot dog and some more of those little chickens?
Me: Those were tater tots.

EK’s picture of my new hair. Spot on. 

Now, I know her drawing is crumpled but I had to show you that “ballerina EK” is shaped a lot like ballerina Olivia. 

J: How many are you?
Me: 31.
J: How many are you, Dad?
Hubby: 31.
J: Two 31s?! You must be twins!
Me: Nope nope nope.

J: Mom! The red is light! Oops. I mean, the light is red!

J: You know why I threw rocks at the river? I was tryna feed it.

Hope you enjoyed our funnies! Have a great week!

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