APRIL! Holy moly. I can’t believe it’s here. Easter, EK’s birthday, spring break… all those things are upon us! It seems that the spring is flying, when I feel like it should be just starting. But that’s been my entire 2017, actually. Hmm. Anyway, lots has been going on, and will continue through probably the end of the school year. I don’t know how we manage to stay so busy, but time is flying. I looked at my youngest babe the other day and thought, “How did I miss that you got so big?” I think it about all of them at least once a week, if not daily.

Here is a little bit about what we are up to currently.


Accomplishing || I’m doing pretty well in my half-marathon training so I feel very accomplished! Saturday I ran 11 miles, and my knees did not completely crumble like I thought they might! I’ve been taking a supplement for my joints, and trying to stretch and foam roll a lot to prevent the tightness that makes injuries more common, since my knees are sore at best if I run longer than 5 miles or so. It takes a day or two to get back to normal, too, which is a bummer.

Feeling || the pressure of my training getting more intense. I’m sore, and mentally I’m starting to psych myself out about running so far. I’ve been building up my running playlist (I’m going to post about that this week!) and that’s definitely helping. I also used my first gel energy pack on Sunday (my 11-miler), and I feel like it worked, but I may try a different one this weekend, which just means I need to make it to the store to buy them! I also had unfortunate chafing (I know, lovely topic, right?) where my arms rubbed against my sides the entire time, so my runner friend gifted me some Body Glide to try. I feel legit now, ha!

Needing || a couple of new workout tops, which I just got at Costco! They were only $9.99 each, and perfect for hot weather: looser than most, breathable, and long enough to cover my long torso. Winning! The other thing I need to go is get back in the routine of wearing sunscreen. I always wear lotion with sunscreen on my face, but when I sweat, I wipe my face a lot, and then it’s basically gone. Tis the season for being outside a lot, wearing less clothes, and I’ve already gotten my first redness from not wearing it. The hard part is that I absolutely HATE the smell and feel of real sunscreen (as in, not lotion with a little spf but REAL sunscreen that actually protects your skin). It’s a mental battle for me: I know I need it, but I just don’t want it. Here goes: sunscreen it up, springtime!

Practicing || keeping myself scheduled and healthy and ready for a workout wherever I can grab it. That means eating really well as often as I can, drinking lots of water (my goal this week is 100 ounces a day) and basically living in workout clothes. But sometimes I can’t get everything I need/want to do in a day done in one workout; I have to get the 3-mile run in at a different time than the weights. I’m sweaty (or dried up from being sweaty) all day, and that’s basically gross. But I’m HEALTHY and I have trimmed up, and I’m actually doing this whole long-distance running thing. I am HAPPY!

Pinning || some healthy recipes. They mostly include snacks or sweets, since those are what I need help with. I like to have something healthy to kill my munchies, satisfy my sweet tooth, or something that I can grab and go in a hurry for either breakfast or a snack on my way out. Check out my Pinterest boards to see them!

Sorry that this post was all about my training, but it’s pretty much consuming my life right now. Ha! I’m doing other things too, like a shrimp boil with our friends!

And playground time!

And gardening!

So you can see I’m not just running 24/7!!

What are you up to currently?

6 thoughts on “Currently”

  1. Wait, when did you hair become that awesome purple blue colour? I’m seeing a lot of fun coloured hair lately and I am so ready to jump on that train (but so afraid of how long it will take to go back to “normal” when I jump off that train, since I haven’t dyed my hair since early university days!). I’m seriously jealous of your determination to train. I threw out my training plan before I made it this year. It’s one part due to barely having enough “me time” to shower, and one part feeling like “I’ll just end up quitting, so why set myself up for disappointment”. Our local big race is Father’s Day weekend, and with our spring starting fairly late up here, I never feel like I get enough time to train outside. Maybe I should look into more of the fall races. They’re smaller, but, well, more doable. And my motto is always “Doable and Passable”

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    1. I always say that hair can be dyed back just as easily 🙂 funny story: this particular color happened on Friday, and my gal accidentally dyed my natural color (near the bottom) orange. And then had to fix it. I was there all day 😂 As for the training, it sort of happened organically. The harder I worked, the better I felt and the better I looked. I love having that time to myself, and my hubby is super supportive, so it just works. I’m planning to do another half the first weekend in November, so I could be a long distance training buddy in the fall!!


  2. Way to go on the run! I’ve had post-run achy knees for the last year or so, and I so wish I could get back to those longer runs. Maybe I should try a supplement! Hang in there – you’re going to do great. And Costco for the win!

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