Things Toddlers Say 

Happy Tuesday!! Here are your regular funnies: the late night version! I’ve been working Furniture Market in High Point and have been POOPED when I get off. Very little time for writing, but I couldn’t leave you hanging! Here is a little humor for your Tuesday night.

Getting out of the car at the grocery store…
J: Mom! Did you bring D?
Me: No, he was still sleeping.
J: But mom! He’s my best friend! My brother! But mooooom!

J, trying to get what he wants: Mom, I’m ready for your yes.

At bedtime…
J: But I’m not tiiiiiiired! (Meltdown ensues.)
Me: *turns out lights*
J: *yawn* You’re right; I am tired.

Me, talking about how hungry the kids are: Well, this is actually your second dinner.
J: Well you know what the last dinner is? The last supper.
Me, exchanging a look with Hubby: Whose last supper?
J: Jesus’s!!! (followed by an eyeroll, as in “duh!”)

J: I made a bridge!

J: I have a story for you. *proceeds to tell me “The Night of the Shadowy Racecar” in a whispered voice*

EK accidentally blaspheming as she sang the wrong words: Our God is the liar, the liar of Judah…
Me: No! It’s lion! Not liar. God doesn’t lie.

J: But it’s raining outside. The rain is my friend. Know what the rain’s name is?
Me: What’s the rain’s name?
J: Rainer.
Me: Creative.

J has a tin Batman box that is currently housing his Easter candy.
J: Can I have a special treat from my Batman tinder? (Hubby and I die laughing, because, tinder.)

I know this week was pretty heavy on J’s quotes, but I’m sure the humor from EK will be back in spades next week! Thanks for stopping by!

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